Thursday, January 31, 2008

You're Out Of Touch? Is The NBA Out Of Time?

Da Realist:

I can't explain to you how out of touch I am with NBA basketball this year. It's really sad. This is the first year in the last 6 that I did not order the NBA package. And i haven't really missed it. I may catch a game here or there, but for the most part I'll see the scores on sportscenter while i'm in the gym.

Gangsta D:

The old man returns once again:)

How can this year be the year you tune out? Forget about the east, the West is crazy this year. All the surprise teams, Chris Paul turning into isiah Thomas right before our eyes, the possible decline of the Spurs, the rise of Andrew Bynum(pre-knee subfluxation), the emergence of LaMarcus Aldridge. There's tons to get into this year. The NBA is fine, and if they would contract a couple teams, it would be off the hook.

Da Realist:

I'm ashamed of myself. 23 year old [Realist] would not recognize me. I...just...don't...feel the regular season anymore. I look back to 99 when I used to go to my boy's crib and watch those thursday night double headers until 1am. And then watch the after game show! Now...the reg season just doesn't mean that much to me anymore. I've lost my innocence.


You're not intrigued by the possibility of where Jason Kidd will land?!?! That's a joke.

The league really needs NY, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, and LA (Lakers not Clippers) to all be playing at least .500 ball or better to keep the fan's interest. Well at least 4 of them anyways. As great as the Hornets' or Blazers' story is this year is or how cool Chris Bosh's All Star campaign is, people don't care unless they play in the major markets.

Sucks b/c I like watching Chris Paul who;s about to become the first PG in nearly 15 years to average 20 pts, 10 asst for a season. And he prbly won't win MVP which is said considering a PG earlier this decade won it for averaging 15 and 12

Gangsta D:

Well 3 out of 6 ain't bad:)

Da Realist:

I don't know what it is because back in the day I used to watch all the games. But that may be because we didn't have that many options. Tues and Thurs on TBS and after January sundays on CBS. There are so many more options now. You almost need a Barkley vs Dominique to pull someone toward a regular season game. Duncan vs Lebron ain't doing it for me in January.

I do think the NBA has a problem on it's hands. If I don't care then you know the casual fan sure doesn't. This will never be considered, but maybe less is more. Cut a few of these teams to increase the talent level of the ones that are left. Who does chris paul play with? Who did isiah thomas play with? See the difference? Who does Kevin Durant play with? Who did Shawn Kemp play with? Just a thought.

Gangsta D:

Expansion kills everything. Did we really need to add two Canadian teams in the 90's? Did Charlotte really need another team after running the old one out? Contraction would be a great move, will never happen, but it would be a good idea. Imagine how deep teams would be. 2nd units would be more inclined to maintain the intensity of the 1st unit.

Da Realist:

Considering one of those Canadian teams moved to Memphis, the answer is no :-)

Contraction may boost the NBA's popularity back to early 90's level. In a few years, the NFL would pull out of the christmas day game altogether.

Great idea, but like you said, it will never happen. Money isn't generated on the quality of the teams or even fan interest because the ESPN cut the check already. Regardless of who watches or doesn't, the NBA is paid. The only thing ratings increase is ESPN's bottom line.

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