Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Of Heations and Cowboys


I know the Heat are bad but damn I didn't think a team with Flash and Diesel would be 20 games under .500. I actually watched 5-10 mins of their last 2 nationally televised games and I was appalled at how empty the seats were. And these are games featuring marketable teams (Bulls, Cavs). Have the Heat really sunk this far? I know they are pinning hopes on the lottery now but I don't see anyone in college that can make an immediate impact to save this sinking ship. Flash is gone in '09. Mark
my words.....

Da Realist:

Shaq 4 titles
Kobe 3

That's the basis of all these heat emails.


The basis is that I hate seeing cities act like bandwagon fans which shit don't go right. This team just won a title 2 years ago and this is what they get in support. It's why I got annoyed in Houston when the Astros made it to the World Series.

The Cowboys may have down years but the fans still come out and support.

Da Realist:

Speaking of cowboys. I heard an interesting debate last yesterday. Do you think it's possible that this year's patriots are better than the 1995 barry switzer cowboys?


For the sake of giving Gangsta a heart attack this morning, I say yes.

Gangsta D:

They're better than the '95 Cowboys. But I don't know about the '92 Cowboys. If Deion played on the '92 squad, there would be no question. People forget how lethal that defense was. Ask Jim Kelly and the high flying Bills how good they were. But don't get me started....


Jdubb said...

man, I can't even begin to .....everytime I think about the heat is just makes breakdown and cry,..love my heat but this is horrible. it feel like when I was the only still rooting for the bucs when they were rocking that orange and white and the umm heterosexually challenged pirate on thier helmets.
I have no idea who could help them, they need a 3rd scoring option , they need another banger and they need to look for a young center too...I dont see any help on the horizon in free agency because who we gonna give up, who can we get..strapped with cash the heat are....

jdubb said...

allow me to sip my hate juice.....
damn the patriots!!\