Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Get Money! Money I Got!

Gangsta D:

$1,500 on cable?!? What is this dude watching, the Hubble Telescope? I know I hate on Shaq but that is a lot of disposable income. Guess you gotta spend it on something.

You want to know my favorite? The $114,946 that's listed as
"miscellaneous (personal)" -- you know, walking around money, pocket change so
you're never left without something to feed the meter or, I don't know, buy a
new car or two without writing a check.


Was this Before or After Shaunie :-)?

Gangsta D:

Probably since he's been in the league:)

$76,000 for property taxes is egregious. That's more than what some people's lives are worth:)

Da Realist:

i think this is just an exxageration of the money he "needs" every month so it doesn't go in the pot to be divided between he and his wife by a judge.


I would kill for my life to be worth that now :-)

Considering she got busted with her personal trainer and she couldn't find the same dirt on Big Aristotle, she may in for a rude awakening. Juanita Jordan she is not.

Gangsta D:

What he "needs" is irrelevant. There won't be anything held out of the pot to be divided. She's taking half his ish. That's just the nature of the beast. She knew she was gonna come up, the first time he mumbled sweet nothings in her ear. But, I wonder if she's gonna pay half those property taxes? Probably not:)

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