Friday, January 04, 2008

Old School Friday - Female Sangas

What is up party people?!? I hope you guys had a nice holiday season and a great new year. New Year's Eve, for me, was pretty wild. My homegirl had a party at her house that included the following: lesbians, group sex(non-participant), the cops, hard liquor, catfights, an actual black cat, and the Wii. Trust me, it was even more surreal than it seems. I gotta stop hanging with white people. Anyhoo, this week we're kicking the weekend off with some females on that R&B tip. Hope you enjoy.

Zhane - Groove Thang

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do

OMFG!! Janet is showing her body!!
That was pretty much the reaction when this video came out. After a year and a half of concealing herself in body armor, Damita Jo busted loose like Richard Pryor. And we're all damn glad she did cause it's hard to lust after someone when their body is wrapped up like a Christmas present. Kudos Janet. Now if you would only ditch the Mon Chi Chi and come holla at a playa...

Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love

There's just something about a Blasian that can sing. I know Waldini just pulled a muscle rolling his eyes at another one of my Asian references, but I can't help it. This chick just does something to me. It doesn't hurt that this beat has pneumonia. It's too bad she's never really put together complete albums, from a commercial prospective. She drops a dope single then disappears off the planet. At least she's cute. She's got that working for her.

SWV - Can't We

I forgot this song was on the "Booty Call" soundtrack. Over a decade later, and I still can't believe that Roger Ebert gave that flick a thumbs up. There's no way you can tell me his wife, who is black, didn't influence that vote. Rog contemplated what brown sugar withdrawal would be like, and decided to get with the program. Oh yeah, this song is tight.

Mary J Blige - I'm Going Down

"Sleep don't come easy." But apparently remakes did, cause Mary recorded a bunch of them between 93-95. Nevertheless, she does rip this track to shreds. Mary's never been the most technically gifted singer, but who can match her emotion and soul? Yeah, it's a short list for sure.

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl

I think the first time I ever got a hard on was after watching Vanity 6 on Solid Gold. I know that's kind of personal, but we're all about soul bearing here at The Commission. Digressing, I'm trying to decide between Paula Patton and Vanity. I might have to go with Vanity. She was simply stunning. Essentially her beauty was like Deebo, straight punking fools. I don't if Paula is on that level yet. Nevertheless, she isn't a bad consolation prize.

Betty Davis - Nasty Gal

"You said I was a bitch now. A ho. Didn't ya? Didn't ya?" This chick is so fucking gangsta, I thought she was trying to pistol whip me through my monitor. Seriously, she hits you both barrels and never even stops to look down at the dead bodies under her feet. While looking for Vanity 6 videos, I came upon this sonic blast, and got blasted. For background purposes, Betty was Miles Davis' second wife. Apparently, she introduced him to Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, her musical bona fides are definitely on point. I'd never heard of her before, but I'm definitely jocking her now.


stopmikelupica said...

I'm pretty sure Roger Ebert gave Booty Call the thumb up simply because of the soundtrack (better known as the New Jersey Drive Theory).

JC said...

Amerie is doing her thing in Europe, and that VIBE cover is absolutely classic.