Friday, January 11, 2008

Old School Friday - Shame On A Nuh!

"Wu-Tang killa bees! We on a swarm!" That's right, we're giving it up for the Clan today...well except for Cappadonna cause that dude showers in wack juice. Our buddy SML had a post last week where he tried to decipher one of Ghost's verses. Not only was it pretty funny, it sparked a thought. "Wu-Tang? Yeah, need to do that." So here we are. Hope you enjoy. As always, this weekend drink like there's no tomorrow...but ensure that there is one. Holla.

Raekwon - Glaciers Of Ice

The first salvo from "Only Built For Cuban Linx." I have to admit that I was a little cool on this track when I first heard it. It took me a minute to appreciate the beat. But once I heard the album all the way through, I came to my senses. Obviously the shit was tight. Sometimes I be buggin'.

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin To Fuck Wit

"Survey're dead!" I had never seen this video before, so it's got me tripping. It's really got me reminiscing about freshman year. We played the shit out of this album. I remember those weekends when we didn't have money to go kick it, and we'd be in my boy Brian's room listening to Wu-Tang and playing spades. Thems were the days. Believe that.

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M

"So I got with a sick ass click and went all out."
Classic song. Don't really have anything smartass to say.

Ghostface - Daytona 500

"I slap box with Jesus. Lick shots at Joseph." Love this video. The beat is just infectious. I think this is about the time that I started digging Ghost. Speed Racer is what draws you in, while the beat takes you home. Also, if you didn't know, the Wachowski's are adapting Speed Racer for the big screen. I don't know about you, but judging from the trailer, this looks like about 20 pounds worth of suck. But that's just me.

Inspectah Deck - Tha Word On The Street

The Rebel INS. I think he was the most slept on member of the crew. This dude had serious lyrics, and I can't remember him ever spitting a wack verse. I guess he just didn't have enough umph to break out. The first time I heard this joint was when me, Waldini, and our boy K-Dawg were kicking it in Houston. When it came on the radio we were all like, "Is that Inspectah Deck? Shit's tight." Eight years later, and it still is.

ODB - I Got Your Money

"Gimme my money. GIMME MY MONAYYYY!!!"
Of course, the first thing that sticks out about this video is the utter horror that is "Dolemite." I've had shits that looked better than this flick. There isn't the tiniest shred of reality in any action scene and the acting is at a sub-porn level. But when you cherry pick clips and slice them into a ODB video, they turn into magic. RIP Big Baby Jesus.

Wu Tang Clan - Can It Be All So Simple

Yep, I've already posted this video. Nope, don't care if ya'll object. It's the best Wu-Tang video ever. Gotta pay my respects.


Great Waldini said...

From '93-'97, no hip hop group put out better group and solo albums. Then they dropped that double disc in summer '97 and it all started to fall apart...although Triumph was a dope song and video

Gangsta D said...

"Stop running up on niggas with all that wack shit. Talking bout you a MC. You ain't no MC!"


stopmikelupica said...

Great W said it perfectly. After a 5-year period of domination (one that seemed much longer, because the Wu was on every remix at the time. Remember "I got stacks like the international..."?), the double album's release was the end.

Certainly they've dropped stuff since then that was tight, but their significance in hip hop was over.

I remember being way too excited about that double album. There was a show at here in NYC (I think it was DITC crew, with Boot Camp Clik), and one of the promoter types was throwing out casette promos of first single of that album (due in about six weeks).

It being a crowd of much more gully and tougher cats than me, I had to use my natural abilities - my shadiness. As the guys in front of me all jumped to grab it, I hit the floor for loose tape first, pocketed it and pretend I had no idea where it went, and was still looking for it. A couple of minutes later I smiled at my boys, and pulled it out of my pocket... the appropriately named "Truimph".

Quite possibly flee with the lottery....

Gangsta D said...

"Wu and Jodeci is like Cusowns." Yeah I remember that:)

When Wu-Tang Forever came out, a group of us students were interning in Chicago. And I swear we heard that album everyday, on the way to and from work, for a good month. Like most double albums, if they had cut the filler and produced a focused single CD, it would've been doper. But when you got 20 MCs in your crew, what are you gonna do? lol

stopmikelupica said...

Agree. There were like 3 or 4 Wu-bangers, plus another 3-4 solid joints on that double album. Cut the filler, and it probably would have kept them relevant for another couple of years.

But that was the Year of the Double Album (Tupac, Biggie), so the Wu rushed a few songs, and Wu Tang Forever felt kinda like they forced it more than they should have...