Friday, January 11, 2008

Year Of The Waldini


You know I watched that Year of the Bull again, it got me thinking was it that bad for me in high school when I played sports. Granted I didnt play football (soccer, bball), but I dont remember my coaches wanting to fight me. Anyways, I thought about my most embarrassing or exposed moments in high school sports.

- I remember in basketball, our starting PG was out and it came down to me and a cat who was 4 inches shorter than me starting one game. The latter started even though the asst coach thought I was better. I was sitting 3 chairs down from the head coach and assistant coach, listening to the asst repeatedly, "Put Waldo in, he can D up better than lil Sam. He's getting killed out there." My coach's reply was "Waldo can't run the offense." End of discussion, I was crushed

- About a month later, my coach scheduled a scrimmage with his boys vs our team. Since I wasn't really playing except for garbage time, I just used that scrimmage as my stage to show what I could do. I was killing them on both ends, stripping cats cleanly, initiating offenses, pulling up for the 15-17 ft, just in a mood. After the scrimmage, my coach, "Well Waldo you definitely earned some more playing time!" Excited, I called my dad (All state bball, played college) to tell him to come to my next game. He and my grandparents came sat in the first row of bleachers....just to watch me play one more minute of garbage time (I usually played 2 mins in blowouts). Completely embarrassed :-)

- In soccer, my coach got so pissed off at one of the cats on our team that he stopped practice midway and was like Fuck it if Noah has an attitude then we all suffer...ON THE LINE. This man had us do 5 yard suicides on the football field for the rest of the day. Noah, the violator, was kicked out of practice about a 1/3 through the suicides for calling the coach a fat fuck. That was funny watching the guys on our team restrain Noah....

- Soccer, different coach, had us running routine drills. I guess my head must have not been in the practice but I wasn't respnding with the proper body language. He calls me out and for not acknowledging him, he had me run laps until he got tired of watching me run. At one point, he point blank asked me if I was high (he was serious), which I wasnt but I guess I didnt have that look so he said Keep running smart ass. Pretty funny but I was tired as hell that day

I got other stories but for the sake of not boring either of you, I'm stopping right there. But my stories are LIGHTWEIGHT, maybe super LIGHTWEIGHT compared to that defensive end. Just crazy.....

Gangsta D:

"He can't run the offense." Was he expecting you to run the triangle? What offense is run at the high school level? Doesn't it usually consist of bringing the ball up the court, then passing to your best player, and letting him go one on one? What a jerkoff:)


Problem was 10th grade was my first year of playing organized ball on any level. I went to basketball camp the summer prior and I didn't know anything except pick and rolls, 2-3 zones, and man to man defense. At camp, they were yelling box and 1 I'm like what the hell are you talking about?!?! :-).

My coach didn't want to spend time teaching me fundamentals and it never hit me that I should work on that stuff on my own or even ask my dad and uncle to show me the basics.

Gangsta D:

So you were a lazy high school player that didn't have a grasp of fundamentals and didn't have a burning desire to get better?!? If you were a foot taller, you could've made it to the NBA! Lol


Well it probably didnt help that I clowned him one time when he was alluding that Prince was sweet b/c of his appearance. I was like this man has had Appollonia, Sheila E, Vanity, Diamonds and Pearls, etc. What'chu rolling with? Please I'll wear high heels anyday and scream with a high pitch if it brings me chicks like that...

Gangsta D:

I tried out for the team the summer before senior year, but it was just too much running:) A year later I ran into one of the dudes on the team, and he was like "Yo you shouldn't have quit. We went to a basketball camp and it was dope." My reply "Yeah, I went to the Bahamas." Then he was like "Man you could've got a scholarship or something if you stayed." My reply "Yeah, I basically got a full ride to Morehouse." And that was the end of that conversation:)

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