Thursday, January 24, 2008

Viva La Revolucion!!!

Gangsta D:

It's hilarious how people don't realize that every single recorded conversation they have is potential fodder for the internet.

"How dare you call us at home! If you have a problem with
going to school, you do not call somebody's house and complain about it," Candy Tistadt's minute-long message began. At one point, she uttered the phrase "snotty-nosed little brats," and near the end, she said, "Get over it, kid, and go to school!"

Da Realist:

That's bullshit. He had no right to call the home. And to post it on the net? It may not be illegal, but it lacks taste. Snotty-nosed little brat...

Gangsta D:

It may or may not be. But you have to realize what era you're living in. You will be put on the internet, so it's best to hold your tongue unless you can say it face to face.

Da Realist:

Screw that. The only mistake that woman made was not being proud of it. If he had called me over some bs like that he would have gotten his little young ass cussed out.

Seriously. Did it warrant calls at 4am? That's just childish. And this little fuck is getting praised for "standing up for what he believed in"? We're talking about a SNOW day. Not genocide in africa. Not the national debt. A snow day.

Gangsta D:

I was waiting for the re-emergence of "Old-man Hunt." lol

If she had replied with less vitriol, it would've been squashed. He wouldn't have put the audio on Facebook and youtube, they wouldn't have got crank calls, there would be no news stories, it would've been over. Right and wrong is irrelevant. She could've saved the headaches by not flying off the handle. I guess they can take solace in being "in the right." But was that worth the embarrassment and phone calls? Sometimes, you have to think before your emotions get the best of you. Contrarily, if you don't care about the crank calls and you're not embarrassed then by all means let both barrells blaze.

Da Realist:

Don't let me do it to you dunny, cause i over-do it.

Gangsta D:

Lol. You can pretty much use a Jay-Z line to make your point in any conversation, can't you? lol

Hat tip:The Big Lead

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stopmikelupica said...

I'm with Gangster D on this one. Had the lady just not called the kid back, or not left an insulting message (remember: She's not even the school official, but his wife, so she had no reason to response), this would have been squashed. But wifey had to get pissed off, and flew off the lid. Bad things happen when you lose your cool, man.

NoVa. The suburbs of DC. 3 inches of snow, and they act like it's a freaking state of emergency. Shut down the city, it's sprinkling outside!

Reason #230 that the NE has produced more gully characters and rappers than DC ever has... you can't get props for living in a tough town when your town shuts down at the sight of a few flakes!