Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Wrestling Was Real: Dusty Gets Broken Off

I don't remember seeing this clip live, and that's a shame because I would've gone absolutely apeshit. Back in the 80's, Jesus Christ himself couldn't convince me that wrestling wasn't real. I believed in that shit like Scientologists believe they're not crazy. At any rate, this is a pretty entertaining clip. You have to get through about a minute of J.J. Dillon blathering on, but then the good stuff happens. The good stuff is like the white version of "Menace To Society." The Horsemen were the original version of Thug Life. Pac owes those dudes royalties. Check it out.

Damn, they had The American Dream gagging in a parking lot. They didn't play back in the 80's. Of course, that's when wrestling was real.


Anonymous said...

I remember this all too well. Peep Big Dusty getting out of that tiny Porsche.

The Horsemen were classic. But my boys the Road Warriors gave them the business in the War Games.

Gangsta D said...

Yeah L.O.D. was my squad too. Who else could storm the ring and pin their opponents before the intro music stopped? lol