Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Your Life Is Calling

Gangsta D:

Do you think Joakim should shut his mouth and just play or do you like the fact that he hates losing and losing attitudes. I wouldn't mind a rookie showing heart. Maybe it's not his place, but at least he cares.

Apparently it led to a dispute in the locker room as rookie Joakim Noah complained about the attitude on the bench and argued with veteran Ben Wallace. One witness said Luol Deng had to step between them to ease the tension.


You know the only reason this is an issue is b/c he's a rookie. And a rookie that isn't having the same impact on his team as say his Airness did back in the day. Fact is the Bulls are underachieving in a weak conference and someone needs to say something. The players already got what they wanted when Gritty Gutty was fired. What more motivation do you need?


This whole thing confuses me and is very sad. I don't care what Noah says, as long as he plays well. What I've read is he's always late to practice, in part, because he's running the streets at night. He apparently doesn't know the plays that well either. Still, he's just a small part of the bigger problem. The bulls are not good right now.

Gangsta D:

If that's the case, he should probably keep his yapper shut. But still, SOMEBODY needs to do something. There's no reason why this team should be this bad. I actually liked this squad last year. Paxon better do something quick or he's gonna be chilling with Skiles.


No question. Paxton is one major trade or one miraculous turnaround away from getting fired. I still can't believe they are struggling like they are. I don't know why. They are doing and playing the exact same way there were last year. And Gordon is actually better coming off the bench, so I don't understand. Joe Smith light years better than P.J. Brown. Noah is a good addition, Tyrus, I'm afraid, might be a rockhead, but still a piece. I truly don't get it. I do think the contracts, and
the Kobe talk, and then the expections all played into it, but man, I never thought they'd be like this. I did notice some subtle stuff, though.

Like Nocioni. He's doing well right now and carrying the scoring load, but he's out there for self. If you watch games, he's out there jacking. He'll get a rebound, look off the guards, and go coast to coast full speed and jack. Typically, he'll get called for an offensive foul or he'll just turn it over. It's actually the exact same thing Tyrus Thomas does, but for whatever reason, people don't notice it as much. I'm beginning to sour on Noci.

Gangsta D:

Noci going for dolo, Jo Jo mouthing off, Ben "earning" a paycheck, Hinrich bricking like a mason, Tyrus....doing Tyrus type things. This squad may be more disappointing than the Heat. I knew the Heat would struggle, but I had no idea this would happen to the Bulls.


thebrotherreport said...

I'm not crazy about the fact that he's been the one player singled out in a season where the entire team is playing like crap. They're just looking for scapegoats, Was Skiles really the problem or is it that Paxson is a horrible GM. But for a veteran team to lay this at the feet of a rookie is classless.

Gangsta D said...

Paxson deserves credit for rebuilding the Bulls into a decent team, this year notwithstanding. But he deserves blame for not making the necessary moves to make them an elite team. HELLO! YOU NEED A POST PLAYER WHO CAN SCORE!!