Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Old School Wednesday: Kilgore Hall. Rm 211

Ten years ago I, along with Realist and Waldini, completed my matriculation through Morehouse College. Ten years. TEN YEARS! It's hard for me to put my hands around that figure. It really seems like yesterday that I was chilling in Kilgore Hall, playing my Playstation One, listening to No Limit, and sleeping in on Fridays cause I had no classes. Boy those were the days.

With our ten year reunion coming up, I've become a little nostalgic. Digging through some old pics, I came upon a couple of cool ones. The one below is a pic of my side of the room, senior year. I just thought it would be cool to reminisce.

Click on the pic for a larger version.

1. I used to post my test scores on my cabinet, in order to hype myself up. Not to brag, but I put many 95's, 92's, and 94's up on that there board. Some might say that was a kind of a doucherrific move, but I was the man in college so blow me.

2. OK, so my desk was mad cluttered. There's my iron, cereal, video tapes, and some other stuff I can't make out. And nope, didn't do any work there. My cereal took precedence.

3. Thanks to my roommate, I got the pleasure of hanging TWO West Coast Bad Boys II posters on my wall. That year I was immersed into all kinds of Nawlins hip hop. What you know about "Soldier Rag," P-poppin', U.N.L.V., and "walking it like a dog?" Ya dig?

4. My bed. Where all the magic happened. I'm not gonna say I banged a hundred chicks on that bed...because I didn't. But I got a lot of studying done. Remember all those 95's, 94's, and 92's I got on my tests? Cause that's what was really important. Right? Right?

5. Yes black people read. Next question.

6. It's hard to make out on the small pic, but yep, that's a Burger King crown. Waldini and I wore them to our 21st birthday party, which happened to be the greatest house party ever. I remember the chick at Burger King clowning us when we asked for them. She couldn't comprehend the Power of the Pimpin'.

7. My porn drawer. I had a policy of never letting dudes borrow my tapes. Porn has a habit of not returning to its rightful owner. Imagine that, huh? Freshman year, my boys across the hall ran a porn rental business out of their room. So there you go. Porn inspires entrepreneurship.

8. Still have that tv. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at it right now. Further more, that iron on my desk? I just bought a new one a couple weeks ago. I'd had that iron since '94. In my family, we don't throw away nuffin.

9. I have no idea what's in that box, or why it's there. It's probably the most random thing in my room.

10. My trusty fridge. Filled with milk, juice, water...other stuff.

College. Those were the days.


JC said...

Morehouse owns Morgan St. in dorm space.

Gangsta D said...

Kilgore was a mansion compared to my freshman dorm. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable sleeping that close to another man:) But tight quarters breed bonding...or some shit like that.