Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catch A Tiger By His Toe

Gangsta D:

Memphis pretty much threw that game. All Calipari has talked about is how they were gonna make FT's when it counted. Well last night, they didn't. The funny thing is, I was hoping Kansas would make a comeback to make it close, but I still wanted memphis to win. When Chalmers hit that three, I was like "Game Over." I hope Derrick Rose looks good in a Timberwolves jersey:)

Da Realist:

I turned on the game with 30.1 seconds left in regulation. Somebody was fouled and I paused the tv, looked at [Da Wife] and said, "Memphis has made it their battle cry to say that their poor free throw shooting wouldn't stop them from winning. It would be funny if they miss these free throws and end up losing the game".

Dude missed both I think. Kansas missed and fouled Memphis again. He made one of two. When Kansas hit the three to send it to overtime, I turned back to "Forensic Files" because I knew it was over. I turned back in time to see the last few seconds before Kansas won.


Pretty good game, sad to see Memphis choke with 2 mins left in regulation. I just wanted a close game, especially after Sat's historical Final four matchups were crappy.

I'm wondering how many people from last night's game are turning pro. Rose is a given but I'm wondering if Arthur, Rush, and Chalmers from KU are gone and if Douglas-Roberts from MU is gone. Back to Rose, what if Portland was lucky enough to get #1 again. Could you imagine that lineup in 3 yrs...Rose, Oden, Roy...geezus

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