Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Changing Landscape Of The West

Gangsta D:

Apparently Shaq is on his way to Phoenix, and if he passes his physical the trade is a done deal. Will Shaq put his ego aside a la Wilt and become the defensive presence the Suns need? Or will he get all sensitive and demand the ball on the block in crunch time situations? In all honesty, he COULD help the Suns.

Playoff basketball is all about controlling the half court game, defensively and offensively. If Shaq can get you double digit boards, 2-3 blocks, and a consistent low post option then he's a good fit. But his body is too broken. I think he flounders. And that's not hate, that's just what my eyes see. Nevertheless, Suns-Lakers in the WCF just got potentially more entertaining. If that was even possible.


I keep hearing the experts say this a horrible trade for the Suns but I dont think so. They aren't asking Shaq to be an offensive juggernaut just set the tone defensively. The reasons you gave are why I think it's a potentially good deal for Phx. Half court offense in the playoffs which they can run now. I'm more shocked Marion was willing to go to Miami considering they are poo poo right. What does this say to Flash? He's prbly cursing Arison and Riley as we speak.

BTW, I think this puts heat (sorry bad unintentional pun) on Dallas to go and get Jason Kidd. If they did OMG, the playoffs would really be entertaining.

Gangsta D:

Kupchak really is forcing GM's hands. I agree. Kidd on the Mavs would make this potentially the best playoffs this decade, at least from the West's perspective. It might even be enough to get Joe Blow White Dude to care about the NBA some more. And you know Stern wants JBWD coming to games and spending his moola.

Da Realist:

it could work for the suns if shaq morphs into the '88 version of kareem but i think his bulk will prevent it. he's too heavy-footed to get rebounds and to slow to play good defense. the only thing he can do is intimidate weaker-minded players. like the old guy we used to play ball with on the block. couldn't play anymore, couldn't jump anymore, and too big/slow to go for loose balls but he COULD put a well placed elbow in your gut just as you were going for a rebound or driving the lane. players like shaq are valuable but in the nba it depends on how they call the game.

another potential downside...what is stoudemire gonna do? he doesn't have a complete game and needs the middle wide open for his acrobatic scoring. now with shaq plugging the middle, is he gonna now become a jump-shooter?

and what is d'antoni gonna do with his offense to accomodate 4 people running it instead of 5?

that all said, i think it's a good deal because phx was not going to get much farther than they've been getting and miami (though they have no inside prescence) couldn't possibly get worse.

that's just my take on it. i guess we'll see as the season wears on...


Jdubb said...

I am in a state of shocking after sobbering up from my celebration of the Giants win...I hate the patriots, I really wide awake with this trade, ...Why Miami? I was hoping you put Shaq on ice this season and Riles get in Shaq's ass so he can really get healthy , we get a decent lottery pick and try to Re-up for the next season,..
My boy over here believes that Shaq and Kobe will be together once again, ..I dont know about that but...what if?
Damn Florida sports is going down, just hoping for my Boys from the U to do something this season

Gangsta D said...

Top recruiting class in the country. The U will be back. It's not even a question.