Friday, February 08, 2008

Old School Friday - The Randomness

I was planning on doing something cool this week, but God decided to smite me with the flu/bug/mung/crud...whatever you wanna call it, and I wasn't able to find the videos I wanted to. So, this week you get the randomness. Hope you enjoy. Me? I'm gonna go chug some NyQuil and hopefully by the end of the day my head won't feel like Bug's dad felt after Chris went all psycho commando on it. Holla.

Do Or Die - Po Pimp

"Choppin' up that paper ho."
Every wack ass dude thought he was a pimp after this song came out. There's nothing funnier than watching a lame strikeout, trying to be a pimp. I don't think Bill Simmons has a category for it on his Unintentional Comedy Scale.

Gangstarr - You Know My Steez.

Once again, we worship Gangstarr here at The Commission. Little known fact: Guru went to Morehouse before signing a music deal. The House can't be stopped! lol

Nas - Hate Me Now

"I hate you again!"
I love this video for it's sheer ridiculousness. Why is there shit blowing up behind Nas? What the fuck kind of dance is Puff doing, and why is he so angry? And yeah, the whole crucifixion scene. What?!? It's still mad entertaining though.

Lil Wayne - The Block Is Hot

"What about yurn?" Before he became Weezy F. Baby. True story, when this song came out I told Waldini that Wayne was gonna be a star. His response, "I don't know about all that." Well how you like me now?!? Respect your elders, young punk:)

The Five Heartbeats - Heart Is A House

"It takes more than love to build it up."
Can't nobody sing like Eddie King.

LL Cool J - Doin It

What does this song remind me of? My first lap dance at a strip club. She was short, light skinded, had frizzy hair, and wore a leopard print g-string. And yes, she did it well...boy did she do it well.

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long

"Hurry up and come. I can't wait to get it on."
Double entendre much? Rick hit us off with one of those patented basslines, and my head hasn't stopped nodding in five minutes. All praise due.


Guns 'N Roses - Sweet Child 'O Mine

Probably my favorite GNR song of all time. Slash DESTROYS this track, pisses on it, then calls it a punk ass bitch. Too bad egos got the best of these cats.

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