Monday, February 04, 2008

Email Of The Day

Our boy K-Dawg just hit us off with one of the funniest emails I've read in a long time. I could just imagine how this would be covered by ESPN.

I must say, I won't talk badly about Eli anymore till he retires. After what I witnessed in these playoffs from him..... I'm a believer now. Not bad for a Manning. Archie's loins should be on ice somewhere for future quarterbacks. In fact, Shenequa Ieasha Jenkins-Jones-Smith should kidnap Archie, force him to make out and have a boy name Oshea Jenkins-Jones-Smith Manning or Thomas Jenkins-Jones-Smith-Manning or something like that. Then the headlines would be "Archie had a black baby!!!!!! He looks like Terrance Howard and throw like Peyton." He would do commercials for the United Way and JJ Rib Shack. He would do the Gridiron Talk commercial from Morris Brown University and have the band playing in the background (do they still have the band?). He would start the advice with, " So you are thinking about buying a minivan...... well... what if you put D's on that would pass the ghetto creed in the SWATS." Then instead of saying "Cut that meat!!!!" He would say, "MY DADDY LIKE DARK MEAT!!!"

Yep, these are my friends.

1 comment:

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