Friday, February 01, 2008

Old School Friday - Forget Me Nots

You ever find yourself listening to an old school radio station and when a particular song comes on, you're like "Damn that was my shit! I forgot all about that joint." Well I'm playing that role today. This week's selections are jams that I used to dig in high school and college, yet completely forgot about over time. Maybe every week is like that for you guys, in some regards, but this week is all about me. Holla!

Brand Nubian - All For One

"To put it blunt, honey I smoked the kids." Unfortunately, not too many people realize how good these cats were in the early 90's. Maybe I'm one of those unfortunate souls, because I totally forgot about this joint. I hadn't seen this video since high school. BTW, check out Puba's Filas. I had the same pair, but mine were black. This video brings back mad memories.

Slick Rick - Behind Bars

Slick Rick and Warren G? For real? But, the track ended up working. It's nice laid back vibe allows Rick to get his storytelling on. It may have been better if it wasn't recorded while Rick was in jail, but it was still a strong effort. The animation in the video was a nice touch as well.

BlackStar - Definition

"People thinking MC is shorthand for misconception." The part where Mos breaks the lip sync, while drinking from the water bottle, is classic. For some reason I forgot that this whole album even existed. This was my joint back in the day. I really wasn't a Mos fan and I'd never heard of Kweli, but this track brought me up to speed. Is there ever gonna be a Blackstar reunion album?

Common - Soul By The Pound

"While you'll be draggin' last, I'll be kicking like Bruce Lee Roy. Sho nuff!" It's funny. It's like my brain erased every memory of Common before "Like Water For Chocolate." This was my shit! Common had a different aesthetic back in '92. Dude was like Tarantino. Damn near every line had a pop culture reference and, he had mad energy to burn didn't he? It's all to the good, cause this joint is dope.

Conscious Daughters - We Roll Deep

Boy this takes me back to 12th grade. Damn, damn, damn did I have fun that year. If my mom only knew the type of shit my cousin and I got into, she'd never let me go to Atlanta for college. We used to roll deep...with strippers. Good times man. Hella good times.

Cypress Hil feat Eric Sermon, Redman, MC Eiht - Throw Your Hands In The Air

OK, this selection is somewhat of a cheat because I never saw this video in college. But, damn how did I miss it? To all my AUC cats, did this ever come on "Planet Rocks?" Anyway, I'm making up for lost time.

Jay Z - Who You Wit

Hey kids! There's been a Joe Torry sighting. I wonder if he ever found his brush? Anyhoo, this video is way more entertaining than the movie "Sprung." Rusty Cundief went from directing a pretty cool movie, "Fear Of Black Hat," to directing shit-on-a-stick, "Tales From The Hood" and "Sprung," to directing sketches for "Chapelle's Show." Talk about running the gamut.


Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Some NSFW images)

"I wanna feel you from the inside." I'm not sure how fucking a chick like an animals gets you closer to God, but if it works for you Trent, keep on keeping on pimpin'.


Great Waldini said...

What'chu know about Conscious Daughters Gangsta :-)? Just kidding, I remember you and I bumping this in our room during SSI. Too bad, they couldn't take that Scarface endorsement to higher heights...

Speaking of H-town artists, you might as well post a Budda Monks ("Secrets of the Hidden Temple"), Big Mike ("I'm just a playa playa")

stopmikelupica said...

H-Town Friday? Why not, I could totally go for some "My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me". And I haven't heard "Playa playa..." in a long time.

I hadn't heard "Soul By The Pound" in a long time, either. It's always funny to look back on the early work of some rappers, especially those that hadn't yet settled on what would become their style... like Jay-Z in "Can I Get Open" or maybe Tupac in his Digital Underground days (though "Same Song" Tupac might have been Tupac at his best). Similarly to Tupac, you have Nas in his MC Serch cameo days, where he was also pretty tight. Redman in "The Headbanger"... hmm... maybe another Friday idea?

Gangsta D said...

Way ahead of you cats. Already working on both of those ideas.

SML, you should bump "Playa Playa" at least once a week just to get your mind right:)

JC said...

Wow. That Conscious Daughters joint just completely knocked my equilibrium all off.