Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"My Life Has No Meaning"

Gangsta D:

God giveth, and he taketh....

KRIV-TV in Houston and The Houston Chronicle are reporting that Yao has a stress fracture in his left foot and the Rockets are expected to announce he will have season-ending surgery later Tuesday.
Da Realist:

They had no shot anyway.

Gangsta D:

They had a fighting chance. I didn't think they were gonna do real damage, but you never know. Now they have no shot. McGrady is probably crying and standing in a puddle of piss right now:)


They had a fighting chance to get to the conf semis but that was it. Tough break for them but they should still get into the playoffs.

Gangsta D:

You lose 22 pts and 11 rebs. No inside presence. You're depending on McGrady to lead you...in the west. And there's no guarantee that McGrady won't go down with a season ending injury. Think about that again. You really think they'll make the playoffs? lol

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