Monday, March 31, 2008

Hall Of Fame Humbug

Da Realist:

Nice article.

Of all the great players who passed through the NBA and never fulfilled their promise, Webber was the only one without a legitimate excuse.
Gangsta D:

Yep, he hit it on the head. People do forget that Jalen was Michigan's top scorer both years. I remember I saw Webber at a party a couple years ago. I was like, "He's not that big." If I was thinking that, what were NBA players thinking? Lol Now the discussion turns to whether he's a HOF'er. I think the Michigan flap keeps him out. It's the BASKETBALL HOF, not the NBA. According to the NCAA, he never played college ball. That will hurt him.


Damn that's true. The scandal alone makes the voting committee think twice about voting him in. His averages say he should be in but when you start looking at how many games he played, then that keeps him out. I mean Bernard King isn't in there either and you're telling me Webber should go in over him.

Da Realist:

That's some bull. The nba needs to find a way to distinguish their hall of fame from the "basketball hall of fame". What the hell is that? The only people that can be grandfathered in are the negro players that didn't get a chance to play in the NBA (but were obviously good enough).

Other than that, it should be the NBA hall of fame. Damn, that's cheesy. You got people being judged by playing on different levels (college vs pro) and different leagues (NBA vs ABA vs CBA vs Euroleagues) and different rules.

I don't think Webber should get in but it shouldn't be because of whatever the hell happened in COLLEGE!. I know some dudes that were good in high school. That's basketball, ain't it? Them dudes should be in there. Maybe y'all can welcome Kwame Brown in since he was da man in high school.

Gangsta D:

OK, here's the thing about Kwame. We have great football players down here, but not great basketball players. I'm pushing 6'4", but I would've played center in high school. That gives you an idea of the talent level down here, so no Kwame wasn't really a beast. I can dominate players six inches shorter than me:)

As far as the HOF goes, I agree. There should probably be different HOF's, but we know that's never gonna change.


stopmikelupica said...

I liked the Simmons article, too. Mainly for the line about how Webber shyed away from the big moments, complete with the video clip of him failing to even raise his arms up to get a rebound during Game 4 against the Lakers. That's how I always felt about Webber.

There are all different kinds of chokers... there are those that blow easy plays (Buckner), then there are those that turn into a spectator at the wrong times (Webber, A-Rod). There are also those that try to hard, and mess it up. I've played on teams with these guys - I can guarantee you Brett Favre falls into this category.

Gangsta D said...

Blasphemy! You'll never be able to step foot in Wisconsin again:)

I don't know if I'd call a guy who's won a title a choker. But over his last ten years, he didn't exactly rise to the occasion in the playoffs.

Mizzo said...

Wait for my Webber interview...