Friday, March 28, 2008

Old School Friday - Newfangled Soul

Class, we're gonna set the dial to "Laid Back Groove" today. I got a little neo-soul in the on deck circle to take you into the weekend. So sit back and relax, light some incense, and chill out with some good music. Holla. Go Lakers!!!!!

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

I seriously considered putting "Untitled" in this spot, because it's such a dope song. Then I remembered the homoeroticism of the video. So Brown Sugar it is. D'Angelo is one of those classic cases of wasted potential. Dude only released two albums. Two albums! I don't know what happened. I do know that those "Untitled" days are long gone. Oh well. Thanks for the memories.

Jaheim - Could It Be

This was my shit! That beat has the bird flu. I don't smoke, but I imagine this is the kind of track you'd twist one up to with the top down, and a bomb ass shawty in the passenger seat.

Adrianna Evans - Seein' Is Believin'

Adrianna had the misfortune of coming out at the exact same time as Erykah Badu. Now I like Badu's first album, but Adrianna's was massively slept on. I guess the world only had time for one soulful sista on the mic. It's too bad, because this album is a classic. No two ways about it.

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight

I don't understand why this group didn't make it. I thought it was a great combination, exemplified by this track. Too bad they couldn't keep it together. They could have made some serious waves. Oh yeah, can we agree that Dawn was the baddest En Vogue chick? Can you say total package? My God.

Carl Thomas - I Wish

Just a great song. It's almost too good to have been released on Bad Boy. Ok, it was too good to be released on Bad Boy. Sorry Puff.

Amel Larrieux - Get Up

Follow me now. Amel is Waldini's Spelman sister's cousin. We're supposed to be best friends, but the dude never even tried to hook me up. Yeah, she's totally out of my league. And even though she'd rather I serve her dinner than take her out to dinner, I would've liked the chance. BTW, great song, great video, cute chick.

Maxwell - Get To Know Ya

Here is the legend. Maxwell, The Fugees, and The Roots perform at Morehouse College in early '96. During Maxwell's set he is booed for being a D'Angelo clone. What people didn't know is that Maxwell's album was done in '94, so he could've come out before D'Angelo. Crazy, huh? Anyway, this dude has the goods. The guitar lick on this track is pretty ridiculous. Maybe Black Summers' Night will come out some time this decade. We can only hope.


The Cardigans[sort of] - Iron Man

OK, this isn't an official video but the song is so dope I had to include it. It's kind of crazy how they took a metal classic and funked it up.


stopmikelupica said...

Thank you for sparing us Untitled. Good song, but yeah... a little too much self-love going on there.

The Cardigans' Iron Man cover... good find.

Gangsta D said...

Hey, I'm all about looking out for the bruhs:)

Great Waldini said...

Aw man, how I am supposed to hook you up when my Spelman sis won't even call her :-). Truss me, I tried and Ang wasn't hearing me....