Monday, March 24, 2008

Mega Madness?

Gangsta D:

Lingering questions from the first weekend of the NCAA's:

-I wonder if Stephen Curry has reconciled with the fact that his mom was probably a NBA groupie.

-At this very minute Roy Hibbert is still open in the low post. Why won't anyone pass him the ball?

-Why were so many non-black players talking so much trash? Yeah I'm looking at you Joe Alexander, Lopez Twins, and Western Kentucky three point shooting guy.

-Why did I want to kill someone after watching Bob Wenzel broadcast two Duke games? I don't think Coach K has been deep throated like that since HE was in college.

-Why didn't Gus Johnson get any good games? Did his bosses intentionally screw him to dampen his profile?

-Will UCLA please score some points? Has Ben Howland not noticed that an inability to score enough points is the reason he's lost the last two Final Fours?

-Why is the MegaMadness package the greatest invention ever? At several points I was watching 4 games at once on the same channel.

-What was up with officials handing out Technicals like the Easter Bunny handing out eggs? I swear I thought I saw a ref, at the Stanford-Marquette game, T up Jay Bilas.

-Lopez twins. Douchebags or fiery competitors?


Man, someone definitely took advantage of the Madness package this wknd :-). A few thoughts...

- Feel you on the Gus J comment, along with not enough games featuring Raftery and Lundquist. I don't know who was commentating some of the games I got but they weren't those guys

- Dell's boy is beasting. I don't know if he will make waves at the pro level but for college, he's carving up folks. I think if he does get in the league, he will be okay with knowing his mom's a groupie and that his probable wife will be a groupie too

- They didn't show the G'town debacle here (We got Texas-Miami) so I only caught bits and pieces that CBS showed. They were cruising in the 1st half but don't know what happened in the 2nd half. My family's in mourning today

- Although my brackets were completely busted, it did feel good watching Duke go out again

- Lopez twins - they are bordering on douchebaggery. They were a lil outta control on Sat and talking trash just to be doing it

- UCLA's problem had to do with Shipp and Westbrook have unusually off games plus Mboute playing for hte first time in a week. They looked horrible and still won. Not a good sign for their bracket

- UNC is straight up whuppin folks' asses

- People talk about Bill Self, Billy Gillespie, Mark Few, etc as the great young coaches. Jay Wright at Villanova needs some major love. Cat has taken 3 teams in the past 6 yrs to the Sweet 16. And this team is no where near as talented as that Elite Eight team a few yrs ago....

- Lastly, this has to be the most exciting tourney in a good minute. We had two #12 and #13 seeds advance, a lot of buzzer beaters, major comebacks, and that's just in one weekend.

Gangsta D:

Georgetown didn't miss a shot for TEN MINUTES! They were up by 17, then decided to just dribble the ball on the perimeter for 30 seconds, and throw up a bad shot. Mad frustrating.

Stephen will not beast in the league. He can shoot, so he'll have a roster spot. But unless he gets bigger and proves he can get his own shot, he'll be Eddie House without the headband.


stopmikelupica said...

Stephen Curry wasn't even suppose to be in the NBA; I think he's a definite now, though. He's got a great touch, decent size, and he's a player's kid (i.e. very coachable). He'll be a end of rotation guy in the league, and who knows... maybe even emerge as a 6th man like his daddy.

Roy Hibbert is not getting a pass in the post because he'll just get called for another offensive foul. Roy Hibbert is either the biggest bull in the paint since Shaq, or someone has it out for Georgetown....

MindRiteSports said...

Stephen Curry is a beast... and he looks like he is 12 years old. Great point on coming to terms with his mom's history... surely they could make a reality show (if they haven't already) called "Your Mom Was A Groupie" and we'd have no shortage of cast members...

Hibbert has to be one of the most under-used players EVER. He should have never stayed in the league... maybe he was afraid that his 10 total shots (one game) last year wasn't enough to be "experienced" enough for the league... without remembering that the league drafts for potential talent over experience (see: UNC's Marvin Williams). Seriously, though... i can never pick them in my bracket when I know their Offense is built around NOT passing the ball to the 7-footer.

Gangsta D said...

"Your Mom Was A Groupie" In all seriousness, that show would be ridiculous. I'd watch that on Pay-per-view.

I understand the potentially shady officiating, but he was BEGGING for the ball on several occasions and the guard just passed the ball around the horn. It was supremely frustrating. You have to at least try. If he's not getting the ball, he might as well be on the bench.

Anonymous said...

How can his mom be a NBA groupie when she met his dad long before the NBA. Speak what you know hater.