Friday, March 21, 2008

Old School Friday - Brothers On A Quest

Inspiration can come in many forms. This week, it came from the story of the sample Tribe used for Bonita Applebaum. After reading that post, I was like "Yeah. Tribe. Need to do that." So here we go, yo. I tried to hit every album, so a couple nice joints got left out. Sorry, but thems the breaks. For all you cats that are "sick" today, enjoy the festivities. Go Hoyas!! Holla...

Bonita Applebaum

"36-24-37?" Dayum! Bonita was packing it in like a moving company wasn't she? This was the first Tribe song I really liked. The style was completely different, which made it coo. Plus the groove is unmistakable. But whatever happened to Jarobi?

Check The Rhime

"And before I get the butt, the jim must be erect." Pretty much says it all. I have nothing else to add.

Jazz (We've Got)/Buggin Out

God I get all nostalgic when i think of this song. I remember playing football in the neighborhood on cool fall evenings, then coming inside to watch Rap City, and this video would be on. There was just something about that time. I've been chasing that same feeling for the last 16 years. Haven't quite found it yet.

Award Tour

"Do dat do dat doo doo dat dat dat." So is "Midnight Marauders" better than "Low-End Theory?" Hmm...I'm gonna have to say no. This was a big topic of conversation in 12th grade. While "Midnight" is dope, I think the edge goes to "Low-End," primarily for the nostalgic reasons above. But Tribe did come correct on this track.

Oh My God

"I like my beats hard like two day old shit."
I don't know if I like my beats quite that hard phife, but I feel you. I'm also feeling this bassline. If that doesn't make your head nod, you're either a quadriplegic or you have no soul. Also, if Busta ever drank coffee, the world would be in trouble. Dude is kind of animated, no?

1nce Again

"I'll have this mic up in your mid-section." Some cats weren't feeling this album. I didn't think it was as good as the previous joints, but it was still a cool album. Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the end.

Find My Way

I wanted to marry the chick with the blond curls. She could've taken all my money...easily. Anyhoo, this was the actual end. The last Tribe video. Thanks for the memories fellas.


Led Zeppelin - The Ocean

Greatest. Band. Ever. Yeah I said it.


Mizzo said...

Yo you ain't lyin' about blondie rocks...goodness.

Find a way is the most blaze track to bang with the sunroof cracked..puffin la with a fly slimmmmmmy on the right and your hand on here thigh...perfection.

Oh that was 4 years ago....damn

Gangsta D said...

No doubt. It's definitely got that knock. Although if it was blondie sitting next to me, i couldn't limit my hands to just her thigh:)

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