Friday, March 14, 2008

Old School Friday - The Remix

Contrary to popular belief, Bad Boy did NOT invent the remix. Nice try Puff. But I'm not completely dissing Sean, cause I posted a couple of his joints. This week was kind of hard cause I had the damnedest time thinking of remixes. If you got any suggestions, give me a shout in the comments. Holla. Go Hoyas!!!

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It (Remix)

"You can't fade the r-e-m-i-x." Me and my roommate used to bump the shit out of this, freshman year. Even though I love the original, this beat still gives me the warm and fuzzies. Too bad, Cube is known more making shitty family films than classic tracks. Thank God for memories.

LL - Loungin (Remix)

Forget about the song. I could never get over how "decent" Total was looking...I mean for their standards. Kisha, Kima, and Pam were not looking half bad. It didn't help their singing career, as they were soon dropped from Bad Boy, but at least they looked good...for once. Oh yeah, nice party jam. Definitely a good track to cut a rug to.

Janet Jackson featuring BLACKstreet - I Get Lonely (Remix)

"Remember him from Blackstreet? He was black as this street was." Of course we remember Chauncey, Kanye. I also remember how damn good Janet's cleavage looked. Any way, I'm torn between this version and the original. I think I like the original more. It's a little more melancholy, which really fit my mood at the time. The first semester of my senior year was HORRIBLE. Tough classes, no sleep, the Cowboys sucked. What did I have to smile about, damn it?!?

Craig Mack - Flavor In Your Ear (Remix)

"The ski mask way." Was this the first instance of "The Puffy Dance." Thirteen years later and I still don't know what the Hell he was doing. And why was Rampage on this joint? Never understood that either. Anyhoo, people forget that Craig Mack was way larger than Biggie at this point. That would change in about six months.

Biggie - One More Chance

"I got the good love, girl. You didn't know?" Yep, it was at this point that Biggie became a megastar, and Craig Mack became a has-been rapper with really bad skin. This track may have been the summer jam to end all summer jams. I think they even played it in Wal Mart. By the time fall rolled around, they released another remix. At that point, I was one more chanced out. But I can't blame Puff for milking it, when there's so much more to blame for.

Snoop - Murder Was The Case (Remix)

"Mad dogging niggas like I don't care. Red jump suit with two braids in my hair."
Pretty much my favorite Snoop line. I think I'm feeling this over the original.

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents

"I know who I paid, dog. Searchlight Publishing."
OK, this is technically not a remix, but it does differ from the album version. I think the album version is better, but that's just cause I'm used to it. Jay still has some killer lines. BTW, if you wanna know how Ski Beats made the beat. Seems pretty easy. Why does it take me weeks to do a beat sometimes?


Journey - Don't Stop believing

Steve Perry may have looked like a ferret and wore jeans five sizes too small, but dude could sing. No doubt about it. You know? I could go for some onion rings right about now.


Anonymous said...

I wanna be down-Remix(Brandy,Mc Lyte, Yo-yo and the Queen) I still rock this when ever I feel the smooth chill mood come on

The Scenario -remix
That was my summer jam back in those days

Quiet storm remix mobb deep lil kim
Use to rock this on my way to the Garden Club in Rockledge, Fl in the pontiac GrandAM..we turned heads bumping this

JC said...

The 'I Get So Lonely' remix still gets played to this day. Just heard it at the MEAC tournament last week.