Friday, March 14, 2008

Perfect Timing

My boy sent me a bunch of pics that were taken at the most opportune, or inopportune depending on your perspective, time possible. I couldn't resist. I had to post them. Here's to having a good laugh on Friday.

"Dad! Put down the fucking camera ya 'tard."

"Dude, seriously. Lay off the eggs."

"10 years and no arrest for Biggie's murder? Someone's gonna pay for killing my master."

"I gotta doody! I gotta doody!

"I'm heartbroke, but I'm still loc'd. Man, fuck a bitch."

"This motherfucker, right here, is crazy. Will someone please get this dude?"

"Smooth. Slightly creamy, with a nice piquaint after taste."

"Asics? Fuck! They taste like shit. Well, if I must. I must."

"I seriously hope my toes are in form."

"Nope. I still got the record for distance. Nice try kid."

"My mama go'n fry your ass."

"Hit me in the face. I double-dog dare you motherfucker!"

1 comment:

Dark & Stormy said...

LMAO!!!! Your quotes are quite creative. Thanks for the laugh.