Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Swagger Back

Brash. Thuggish. Cocky. Talented. Phenomenal.

All of the above adjectives were applied to the Fab Five during their heyday, some 15-16 years ago. I just thought they were the most exciting college basketball team I'd ever seen.

It was November '91. I hadn't heard of them until my cousin told me I should watch the UM-Duke game that saturday, cause the Wolverines had these incredible freshmen that I needed to see. After the near win, I was hooked like cooked crack. I loved the brashness. I loved how they didn't fear the big stage, but chose to embrace it. Most of all, I loved how they didn't give a fuck if the basketball establishment liked them or not. They never won a Big-10 or national title, but who cares? The hype is well deserved. The game hasn't been the same since.

ESPN Retrospective

Coach K kills me. Michigan taking on the character of the Fab Five is why they didn't win a national title? It sure didn't hurt them as they beat the #1, #2,and #4 seeds on the way to the title game in '92. They just got beat by a better team. What was Coach K's excuse for losing 4 out of 5 Final Fours, before winning it in '91? What a dick.

ESPN U Retrospective

I love Jimmy King's dunk and subsequent stare down on the dude from George Washington. When I saw that, I was like "Yeah!! Get him a body bag!" Good times.


Mizzo said...

You made me watch The Timeout twice?

Runs deep. I've spoken to all but Ray Jackson about their college days and they still have this gleam in their eye. That was a special time for sports. You are right, college basketball ain't been right since.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I had a Big 10 title.

-Gene Keady