Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What The Damn? - Kobe-Wan-Kenobi Edition

Last night the Lakers traveled to Sacramento to take on the dreaded “Queens.” Obviously, this “rivalry” isn’t what it used to be. Shaq, Vlade, Adelman, Rick Fox, Mrs. Christie, and Peja’s airballs are all gone. The Kings are hovering below .500, while the Lakers appear to be perched on the ledge of another title run. So, things have changed a bit within the last six years. But I had no idea they changed this much. After leading the Lakers to a come from behind win[117-105] in Sacto, Kobe had an interesting post-game interview.

During the game and interview, he got the MVP chant. Kobe Bryant. The bane of the Kings' existence. Kobe got the “MVP” chant in Sacramento. Sacramento? Sacramento?!? I never thought I’d live to see this happen. The impossible has been made possible. Water has been turned to wine. What’s next? Are the Heat gonna win 20 in a row? That can’t be dismissed now. It’s the NBA…where Holy Fucking Shit happens.

Hat tip: Slam

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