Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Old School Wednesday - Cheez

Ahh, the 80's. Some of the greatest commercials of all time were created in the 80's. Huh? What's that? You say they were mad cheesy and beyond corny? Well let's go to the tape shall we?

Transformers Action Masters

Transformers that don't actually transform? Mom can I have three or four? Wait, you say they're also smaller than real Transformers? Mom I'd rather have these than eat. Surprisingly, Action Masters never quite took off.


"He helps you tackle even the toughest challenge." What, Donkey Kong? Nevertheless, I wanted "Rob" when I was a kid. It looked so cool. I thought it would be like the robot in "Revenge Of The Nerds," and serve drinks, clean the house, and whatnot. I hear that it did none of those things. What were the Japanese good for?

Cheez Whiz

This needs no commentary.

My Buddy/Kid Sister

Holy shit these commercials are creepy. Why does she kiss the doll?


My mom got my Coleco Vision from Lionel's Playworld in '82. I hope to God she didn't spend $170 on it. It was a cool system and I had fun, but it wasn't worth $170 circa early 80's. And that answering machine? My God. Well, I guess parents could afford those things back then, when gas was somewhere south of $3.20/gallon.

Pop Tarts

I have never warmed Pop Tarts up in a toaster. I didn't realize you were "supposed" to do that, until I got to high school. I just got a cold glass of milk, opened that pack, and got to munching. Cinnamon-Brown sugar is the all time greatest flavor.

Spaghetti O's

Is that Urkel?


stopmikelupica said...

Great. I owned Go-Bots and Sega (the 8-bit Sega system, you know, Blades of Steel, Hang On, Double Dragon, and that helicopter game).

Okay, I'm kidding about the Go-Bots... I had tons of Transformers, too.

Dark & Stormy said...

LOL! Wow you took me waaaaayyy back. I had a kid sister. Frosted strawberry pop tarts are my fav. Cheese wiz is just damn nasty. And thank God my mom never fed me spaghetti o's.

The lil' girl kisses the doll because that's what lil' girls do with their dolls. They pretend the dolls are their kids and they feed them and carry them around and give them hugs & kisses!

Gangsta D said...

SML: True story. For my 10th b-day, my mom gave the choice of getting either Omega Supreme or the Go-Bot Transporter[whatever the name was]. When I saw how much Omega Supreme was, I told her to get the Go-Bot. Even though I wanted nothing more than to play with Omega Supreme, I didn't want my mom to spend too much money on me. Am I a fucking great son or what? lol

D&S: I feel you. But that still creeped me out:) My mom never gave me spaghetti o's either. Straight Chef Boyardee. Hmmm....Beefaroni!