Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's That ish You Smoking?

Da Realist:

Damn Skip got called out!

"Tracy McGrady is a great player. If I was Rafer Alston I'd probably ride his coattails too."

"I feel like you can make a statement with the way you play. But some guys like Rafer Alston like to run their mouth … that just added fuel to our fire tonight. D-West, that's my guy. For him to say he's not a star, I mean let's see what All-Star Game [Alston]'s played in."

"He had a tough time out there trying to stay in front of me, and that was the plan."

I don't know what has gotten into the And 1 Artist Formerly Known as Skip to my Lou. First, he tries to intimidate the Celtics before the game started by repeatedly pushing his elbow in Rondo's neck (drawing double Ts on both). Now he's mouthing off about the Hornets. He deserved Paul's response.

These are funny quotes from CP3 who continues to make it known he's in the MVP discussion too.

Gangsta D:

Skip just started to believe his own hype. He is who we thought he was.

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