Saturday, April 12, 2008

Apparently Zeke Has Never Seen A Bus He Couldn't Throw Someone Under

Da Realist:

This is SO INTERESTING. I don't know what to say about the guy...

Flashback interview from 94 part 1

* So you think his retiring and your hitting him were a coincidence?

"Laimbeer had been contemplating retirement, as you know, for the last four years. And every single year he had to be talked out of it. This is a kind of egotistical thing to say, but I think what happened was by me missing five, six games (with the broken hand), I was the only friend he had on that team. And he goes to practice for two weeks straight and I'm not there. Who's he talking to? He doesn't know any of these guys."
Flashback interview from 94 part 2

* You mean Joe Dumars?

"Yeah. They got to be friends, so Jordan got to get inside our inner workings and find out who was who and what made this guy tick. When you look back on it, you see the games that he played in the media, and how he moved that guy and moved that guy. . . . It was masterful."

* You're saying his friendship with Dumars was a strategy?

"In my opinion, yes."
Gangsta D:

Pretty good pieces. He's definitely a complicated man.

Da Realist:

He basically threw the whole team under the bus. You can't trust that guy at all.

Laimbeer and Dumars? i can't believe he threw them under the bus like that.


Laimbeer, Dumars, Dantley, Magic, Vinnie Johnson, Earl Cureton, the man just went for the gusto and put everybody's business out there. Normally, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt since Albom wrote this but his post playing track record basically provides more ammo in addition to this article.

Good read.

And Dantley still hasnt forgiven him.

Da Realist:

The thing is...Isiah made some sense when talking about the Dantley trade, but it's all a lie. Dantley wasn't traded due to his basketball shortcomings, he was traded because Isiah didn't like him. Isiah denied it for years.

And if you're Dantley, wouldn't it still piss you off? He was traded from a team destined to win championships. He was sent to Dallas and he was so hurt he didn't even show up for a few days. Then to watch them win the title?

I remember the next year someone started a movement to allow Dantley to receive a ring anyway but Stern nixed it.

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