Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Decline Of ESPN, The Suckage Of Stephen A, & The Inadequacies Of Mark Jackson

Gangsta D:

Remember when Sportscenter was the lick?

On this night Patrick, whose succinct trademark phrases, such as "The whiff!" and "Gone!" are ESPN cult classics, is trying out an exotic basketball term. Instead of referring to an easy shot as a layup or a dunk, he calls a shot a "bunny," as in "Lloyd Daniels blows the bunny." He does this once, and Olbermann, off-camera, turns in surprise and mouths, "Bunny?" Patrick says it again, and Olbermann smiles and shakes his head. Then, when Olbermann's turn comes to do a basketball highlight, he watches Greg Anthony of the New York Knicks miss a three-point shot and slyly ad-libs, "And he misses the bunny-and-a-half!" When the show is over, Norby Williamson, 29, the producer of the 11:30 SportsCenter, asks if perhaps there weren't a few too many bunnies. Patrick doesn't miss a beat. "They do multiply," he says.


And then ESPN 2 and ESPN news but expanded telecasts messed it all up lol

Gangsta D:

A lot of things messed it up. I'm looking at you Skip, Salisbury, and Stephen A!!! lol


Funny u mention Skip. I was watching 1st Take last week with him and he was in mid season form with his ranting about how arrogant it was for Tiger Woods to say he could win all 4 majors in a calendar year. It's Skip so you can only get so annoyed about it. But he's an ass and whenever they paired him with Woody Paige or Stephen A, I just cringed.

At least Salisbury Steak is gone....

Gangsta D:

I'm still trying to figure out why Skip still has a job. He brings nothing to the table. He annoys anyone with a pulse. And he's stupid:)

Da Realist:

Stephen S's cool ass annoy me the most. He's so damn cool. He speaks for all the hood brothers. He's THE resident black man on the set.

Oh wait...scratch that. Mark Jackson is a FUCKING IDIOT. There. Got that out of my system.

Gangsta D:

I think Marc Jackson is OK. He's better than Reggie Miller:)

Da Realist:

That comment alone will make me disown you. Mark Jackson is a brown-nosing phony.


That brown nosing phony is about to be the head coach of the NY Knicks.

Da Realist:

Has the NBA gone that far? Dude has no coaching experience and he's gonna coach the KNICKS? What is this? American Idol? Can i try-out?


CoCo said...

Too Funny!
ESPN has fallen off quite a bit. Sportscenter is not must see tv for me anymore. Hell, I just watch FSN Final now.
Reggie Miller is HORRIBLE! That cannot be overstated.
Stephen A is a puppet. He annoys the hell out of me and quite frankly, I find his little act contrived.
ESPN needs to figure out that just because someone played the game that doesn't mean they'll make a good analyst. I'm talking to you Emmitt, Legler, Jalen, Jamal and a lot of the crew on Baseball Tonight.

stopmikelupica said...

The Knicks next coach - you heard it hear first (from someone with absolutely no access, so I'm just making this up): Avery Johnson.

Walsh is just waiting for Cuban to fire him after the first round loss.

Gangsta D said...

CoCo, you don't like Jalen? I think he's OK. He doesn't completely suck. And really that's all we can ask for now, no? lol

Avery would be a great choice for the Knicks. People hate on him, but he's only won like 75% of his games so far. I can't believe Knick fans would be choosy if he were on the market:)