Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back In The Day There Was Bonus Coverage?

Da Realist:

Can you imagine both MJ and Magic playing important playoff games at the same time? here's proof from back in the day.


He wants his viewers to see every game now with as little competition as possible. I miss the old CBS and NBC days where the playoffs would kick off around noon on Sat and run straight into the evening times.

Gangsta D:

Remember when you'd come home from school and a game would already be on? Seems like a lifetime ago.

Da Realist:

Instead of waiting 5 days between games, why not try the ncaa format. Sell a package that would give the fans access to all the games. When Detroit is beating the snot out of Chicago, go to the alternate channel and watch the Lakers in Utah.

I understand how you don't want fans to miss these great players. I didn't get to see the Laker/Jazz game because Chicago/Detroit was shown in my region. But still...I also appreciate continuity. Teams like Chicago and Detroit developed a real hatred toward each other because they had to play every other day and sometimes consecutive days. injuries and conditioning mattered too. If someone sprained an ankle, it affected the next game. If a team was not in good condition, they wore down having to play that frequently.

Now...with 3-5 days in between games, the NBA has to rebuild the hype before each of the games. Injuries and fatigue are no longer as much of a factor. Those things made the playoffs special and unpredictable.

(Unfortunately, I remember everything about that weekend. My parents went somewhere and left me at my grandmother's. The Bulls and Pistons were tied at 1-1 and were going to play both sat and sun. I believed with all of my 11 year old heart that chicago had a chance with homecourt advantage. Alas, Detroit beat Chicago like a pinata both days. I was so depressed.)

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