Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Juice Lets Loose

It's well documented that the SI Vault is probably the best thing to hit the internets since Bang Bros. While doing my daily perusal, I came across an interview with OJ from November of '92. Knowing what we know now, the interview is pretty hilarious. Here are a few highlights:

SI: Are you as aggressive in other sports?

O.J.: One of the reasons I don't play much tennis is that there are too many weekend warriors. All their aggression, all their masculinity comes out on the tennis court. I don't need that at this point of my life. Line calls? Guys go nuts! And they're close friends of mine! I don't need that.

Hmm...OJ doesn't need aggression in his life? Riiiight...

O.J.: The American public didn't categorize me as black or white, just that O.J. was O.J., which I liked.

Amazing how a double murder trial can get the American public to categorize you as black...really quickly.

SI: Do you have a checklist that keeps you from taking yourself too seriously?

O.J.: My mother. The Bible. Do unto others. That's my basic philosophy. It is so simple. You treat everybody the way you want to be treated. Because I can run with a football—used to be able to run with a football—I'm making a fortune? I have my faults. Sometimes people close to me suffer from my celebrity and from my natural weaknesses, weaknesses that all men have. Fortunately, I've got my weaknesses under control.

Apparently OJ keeps his weaknesses in a box...along with his stiletto.

SI: Was there ever a time when you were uncomfortable being a celebrity?

O.J.: I think it has been more uncomfortable for people who live with me over a period of time. I prepared for it [being a celebrity] my whole life. As a kid I wanted to be Willie Mays, so when celebrity came, it was easy to take. The only time it becomes uncomfortable is when you have some crisis in your family. The press brings the public into it. Normally, by that time, you've already dealt with the trauma, and when the press gets involved, it opens sores again. That's the element I don't like.

Yeah. OJ "dealt" with the trauma all right. But I think he was the one who opened up sores.


Anonymous said...

The Interview is from 92.

Gangsta D said...

Fixed. Thanks.