Monday, April 21, 2008

Where Dirk Getting "Deebo'd" Happens


It's been a minute since I have sat down and dedicated time to watch other 1st round playoff games besides the ones my boys play in BUT this wknd produced more sizzle than fizzle.

- Wiz-Cavs - a near fight before halftime, Lebron mocking Deshawn's I can't feel my face gesture, Gilbert going OFF in the 1st qtr. This series lived up to the hype in Game 1. I can only hope it continues in the other games (and goes more than 4 or 5 games

- Suns-Spurs - double OT thriller, All Stars fouling out (STAT, Mrs Longoria), Manu Manu being clutch in the 2nd OT, Duncan Stix with the unlikely 3 in the 1st OT, Shaq accusing the Spurs of flopping. Again, same comments as above for hope (and please Pop no Hack a Shaq next time, be a man)

- Mavs-Hornets - Hornets looking like they were going to prove their critics right, Peja looking like Mr March again, Kidd looking like a triple double waiting to happen...and BAM Chris Paul goes apes*** in the 3rd. And you have the ultimate b***h move in Dirk Diggler backing down to David West in the 4th. I'm not saying he should have swung on him but geez slap his hand away

- Jazz-Rockets - the only ho-hum game of the day.

- Magic-Raps - another ho-hum game, this time Sun's kickoff

- Lakers-Nuggets - not spectacular but not ho-hum either. I mean you had a tale of two halves or really 4th qtrs, Lakers up big in the 3rd, AI getting ejected in the 4th, lots of healthy conversation (as Kobe called it).

- Sixers-Pistons - Appeared to be ho-hum (I stopped watching to play NBA Live) and I come back in the 4th and the Sixers are leading. They go on to win which makes no sense. The Pistons are supposedly serious about getting back to the Finals but someone quoted them as goofing around with Flip Murray during timeout. I'm starting to believe that 2004 title was a fluke

- Celtics-Hawks - the ho-hum series of the 1st round meaning it was over before it began

I'm telling ya Realist, the quality of the games has been good, you really need to check it out if you haven't already. You actually see games where all 5 players on offense are moving instead of standing around and watching 1 or 2 players trying to either do an iso or pick and roll play

Gangsta D:

I doubt that Detroit is in trouble, but they're not good enough to turn it on and off. If they keep playing around, they're gonna be fishing with Kenny sooner than they thought.

As far as Spurs-Suns go, I hope they go 7 games and go into OT 3-4 more times. Tire them legs out! Lol

Denver isn't beating LA, as long as Kobe STOPS TAKING BAD SHOTS! lol

Da Realist:

I saw the 2 overtimes of the suns/spurs. Nice game. Saw Ginobli waltz in for a game-winning layup and had to check my watch to make sure it's April and not December. Had a nice conversation with someone who said Ginobli is the greatest clutch performer since Larry Bird. Well, not much of a conversation...more like he said it, and I started laughing uncontrollably LOL...

Those other games...are you serious? I don't care what the Wiz do, win or lose. The mavs are soft. I don't need to see Gasol hit 15 uncontested layups while Kobe clank shots against a bad defensive team. And you said yourself the other games were ho-hum. So i didn't exactly miss anything.


Ginobli? since Larry Bird? Does he have cable? I'm curious what did he base his argument on? I'll give him Ginobli's a beast but greatest clutch since 33 hung them

Da Realist:

Man, that young guy... I work with him and he called me yesterday spouting that garbage. 25 year old punk. lol... I don't know what he based his argument on. I didn't give him a chance to defend it. Probably never even seen Larry Bird, even on tape. lol...

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