Friday, April 18, 2008

Old School Friday - An Ode To Zeke

We all know that the Knicks are a mess. We know that Isiah is in the eye of that storm. We know his tenure as Knicks GM/Coach has largely been a failure. We also know that he will be fired at some point between now and 15 minutes from now15 minutes ago. But one thing we often forget is how GREAT of a player Zeke was. When he was on, he was unstoppable. Just ask the Blazers. Eighteen years later, Terry Porter is still finding pieces of shrapnel on his person because of Isiah's explosions. So, today we're pay some respect to a great player who couldn't transition into the front office.

1988 Playoffs - Bulls vs Pistons Game 4

After the Bulls cut the lead to five, Isiah goes apeshit and scores nine straight points, punctuated by a step back 3, to ice the game. BTW, I wanna file charges against Doug Collins' perm. That thing was an abomination.

1988 Playoffs - Bulls vs Pistons Game 3

Zeke buries a jumper from behind the glass, as Hubie and Verne wax poetic.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Unfortunately, it wasn't all good for Zeke. In this clip he gets BEASTED by Will Smith. If the NBDL was around in '91, Will would've got a try out, no? lol

The Smiling Assassin

This motherfucker was cold on the basketball court.


Anonymous said...

Isiah was a dirty player and Chris Paul is already better than he ever was.

Gangsta D said...

I love intelligent, rational, and thoughtful comments like that.

Anonymous said...

great post Gangsta D. You do a great job on your site.

Isiah was one of my favorite players to watch growing up. Its too bad he turned out to be a shitty coach

/ irishmafia

Great Waldini said...

Isn't it crazy how we idolized this guy growing up and now we clown him for every post playing basketball decision he's attached too...

On a side note, how does this man manage to keep a job?!?!