Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Or Sad? Talkin' Bout Da Bulls


Question, are you happy or sad the Bulls did not sign D'Antoni?

I'm reading multiple articles on him and I'm just going to paste them here. It's his blueprint for success.

D'Antoni Wants To Add Favorite Suns

Rolling Dice

Dash For Nash


The title of this should really be "Hating or Hating More"

I don't know how I feel about it. I like D'Antoni and I like the idea of the Bull pushing the rock and watching Ben Gordon jacking the rock about 29 times a game. I was excited by his offensive game and figured he could help Tyrus get his confidence back and play through mistakes. I was equally excited to see Hinrich let loose and really run the point the way I honestly think he's capable of.


Fool doesn't play defense. None at all. And I completely understand why Pax wanted him to hire a defensive assistant. I also don't know if you can run his system with so many young players. As much as I like Tyrus when he's doing two hand dunks from the free throw line, he doesn't strike me as the smartest fella. He makes mistakes. Many, many mistakes. The same ones over and over again. He doesn't seem to learn when he's checked, so I can't imagine he'll learn being unchecked. He reminds me of Chandler that way. I do think it takes bigs longer to mature. Pax is right to want his team to play defense and have accountability, so if D'Antoni's not down for that then I guess he's not the right guy.

I was confused by the Knicks move too. D'Antoni doesn't strike me as the guy about money. But he took the Knicks job. For a lot of money. Unless he really thinks he's such a good coach and he can win with that roster.


I was tripping on the fact that Walsh lied to Mark Jackson about being the favorite to coach NY. I was tripping to see Walsh hire a coach who doesn't preach defense and that's exactly what the Knicks need. And I was tripping when I read these articles that D'Antoni is trying to turn the Knicks into the NY Suns by hijacking some of the players.

Personally, D'Antoni's thinks he's a better coach than what he is. He's a decent not great coach. Great coaches at least coach teams to Finals appearances. I don't know the writer of one of the articles was bringing up his personality issues. It's not like any of the other coaches out there are known for being player and/or management friendly either.

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