Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What The Damn? Ungrateful Son Edition

Gangsta D:

I don't care how old or rich I get, I will never get out of pocket with my mom like this:)

Da Realist:

Wow. Just wow. I read his lips and I still don't believe he said that. I just don't.


Late in the first half, Pierce tried to wrap up James to prevent a breakaway dunk and the two of them spun into the expensive seats behind the basket, at which point James' mother, Gloria, jumped into the fray to give Pierce a piece of her mind. Even as Pierce's arms were wrapped around him, James was yelling at his mother to back away. "The commissioner doesn't care if it's your mother or your kids: You can't allow fans and players to get involved with each other," said James. "I told her to sit down in some language I shouldn't have used.
Thank god today wasn't Mothers Day."
Doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day or not, you don't curse at the woman who brought you into this world.

Same game, different subject - Celtics road woes

I keep saying this but the more and more I watch the Celtics the more vulnerable they look. They couldn't beat a sub .500 team on the road in the 1st rd, and now they are struggling with a mid-tier conference opp on the road.

We all talked about this last summer and I know one of us wasn't impressed with the Big 3 (dare I say his name, lol). They still should make the conf finals and prbly the NBA Finals but they look nothing like that team in the regular season that just awed people.

Gangsta D:

It can't be stressed enough that the major contributors have never won anything, and the coach is an underachiever. I never thought it would be a cake walk to the Finals. Thank God for home court advantage:)

BTW, this series does nothing to counterract "He who shall not be named's" contention that the current NBA sucks. I didn't watch the game, but just looking at the final score was painful enough:)


I thought this series would be a test for them but the Hawks. Hell naw man they should have destroyed that team.

I watched the last 3 mins and that was painful enough lol

Well it wasn't like the 94, 97 or 98 Finals brought back shades of Showtime either

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