Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New School Wednesdays

A new school post this soon from moi?!?! What in the sam blazes is really going on? Normally, I don't listen to too much R&B since most of it is t-t-t-rash but these cuts I really dig.

Ryan Leslie - "Diamond Girl": A black man singing about how his white girl is his diamond. Hmm this video prbly will become the anthem for pro athletes everywhere based on that equation.

Estelle f Kanye West - "American Boy":
I read somewhere that she is being called the UK Lauryn Hill. Huh? I don't see her on VH1 storytellers strummin' a acoustic guitar and making up songs that don't make sense on the fly. This chick got her own style and this London bloat digs it.

O'Neal McKnight f Greg Nice - "Check your Coat":
Anyone that can incorporate Back to the Future into their video gets major props from me. Bonus point for going back in time with the old school DeLorean and finding Doc Brown.

GUILTY PLEASURE OF THE WEEK - Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss):
I'm not a fan of the teenybopper movement but I can't front, this song is catchy as hell. I GOOOOOTTTAAA GOOO FOOOR MIIINNEE.


Gangsta D said...

At this moment, 20,000 black chicks are burning their Ryan Leslie CDs and pissing on the ashes.

Great Waldini said...

His mission is accomplished then. BTW, that's the motivational video I'm showing my son.

Edwardo said...

Lay off my boy R-Les. Not only were his demo's b-sides the soundtrack to my first book EVER AFTER, but also he used to sleep on my futon when he'd come to LA to chase The Dream. If that Dream includes a white girl, then so be it!