Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Once Again It's On

Gangsta D:

Lakers vs Spurs

Just like old times. It's gonna feel real good beating them AGAIN. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised they pulled it out. After getting mollywhopped three times in NOLA, I thought they were pretty much done. I guess experience does matter in the end. I'm also shocked, SHOCKED, that Peja came up short in a Game 7. Who could've predicted that?


I expected NO to duplicate what they did in their previous 3 home games against the Spurs but oh well. Paul, West, and Chandler (to an extent) did their part. The rest of the team, not so much. That 3Q killed them. The rally was nice but if the game is on the line, I don't want my backup PG (Pargo) jacking up so many shots.

Enough of the past, onto the present. The best rivalry of this decade resumes after a 4 year gap. I officially became crunk for this last Friday after Ed Davis' homeboy said not only were the Spurs going to beat the Hornets but they were going to beat the Lakers in 6. I damn near choked on my Heinenken when he said that. Lakers in 7

Oh yea, you have to be satisfied with the NBA's Final 4. BOS-DET in the East, LAL-SAS in the West. For this round Gangsta, I'll be watching the Eastern Conference games.

Gangsta D:

Lakers-Spurs has never gone 7. Lakers in 6. I really think 5, but I don't want to jinx things. Lakers-Pistons in the Finals, for the 20 year Anniversary? If Detroit steals one of the first two in Boston, that series is over in 5. If the Pistons play like they care for a full 48 minutes in either game, they can do it. But it's hard to put any faith in Flip.


Spurs have never won a series trailing 2-0 or 3-2 either but they did this past round.

Gangsta D:

I'm still sticking to my guns. Remember in '01 I said Lakers in 5 and you were all "I don't know about that." Ok so I was wrong, but in a good way:)

I can't wait to see the Tim Duncan "I can't believe these guys are beating us again" face. The inevitable Bowen cheap shot on Kobe. Kobe flop slapping Ginobli. Mike Finley bricking three after three. Vlad space cadeting up a storm. It's gonna be great.


Touche. I don't man if the Lakers beat them in 6, then I'll obviously be pleasantly surprised. I think the difference in past series is that they could throw Bowen on Kobe and whoever was the 2 guard would guard Fox. This is different. You throw Bowen on Kobe, then who guards LO or Space Cadet. Manu? Finley? Thomas? Don't think so....

Da Realist:

I think the Lakers will probably win and go ahead to win the European Championships against the Pistons.

I do have to say this... I think that Tim Duncan article was on point. I understand that he's great and all that...but I want to see a killer inside him sometimes. I want to see some pride. That look D mentioned...that was so on point.

That keeps Tim from the Hakeem and Shaq level in my all-time list of big men. He takes losses too easily. Even last night...5-17???

If he has pride, he will think about how the Lakers have mostly gotten the better of him. Now they don't have Shaq...Tim needs to win this series or he will be 1-4 against them.

But I think we'll see a few 5-13s and 6-17s mixed into the series.


lmao on the Euro comment.

Do we realize we'll have 3 of the top 10 floppers (Ginobli, Horry, Fisher) of all time in this series? I can't wait for those offensive charges (sarcasm)

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