Friday, May 23, 2008

Wait! An Interesting Eastern Conference Game?


I did it. I actually watched a full game of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. And the game was not half bad. It looked it was going to be a yawner until the 3rd when buckets started dropping.

The Celts are down 1-1 and they really should be worried. If you can't be scrubs like Atlanta and Cleveland on the road, what do you think is going to happen in Auburn Hills?

Gangsta D:

The second half wasn't bad. The first half was execrable...and I'm being kind. I think this series is a wrap. Boston has shown no inclination that they can beat a quality team on the road. Series over in six.


Funny, media and Boston fans complaining about Ray Ray sucking. He goes off for 25 last night and they still lose. Take that beeyotches.

Gangsta D:

When Chauncey is on, the C's have no answer for him. And where did Rodney Stuckey come from? The Stuck was beasting that vaunted Boston defense. If he's producing like that off the bench and the starters keep doing their thing, Boston can't win. Looks like we may have that 20 year Finals reunion after all:)

Da Realist:

I was in french class and then came home to watch forensic files and property virgins. however i did take the time to flip to ESPNEWS and notice the score.

wait...i did do one nba-related thing last night. my boy (spurs fan) called to vent about game 1. i listened to him rant for about 35 minutes about how he was disappointed the spurs let kobe play them like that when everyone knew what he was doing by the second quarter. then the last 10 minutes he assured me the spurs are still gonna take it.

that counts doesn't it?


CoCo said...

EC basketball is somewhat brutal. Especially when you compare it to the West.

Gangsta D said...

Somewhat? It's like getting four root canals done simultaneously, for 2 and a half hours straight:)