Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not Really That Surprising

Gangsta D:

Flip out as Pistons coach.

Is Avery polishing up his resume? Or is some hotshot assistant waiting in the wings? Will this roster even look remotely similar? Can we go ahead and call the '04 title a fluke now?


Lots of questions gets lots of answers :-)

Avery? Naw, I don't see it. He works better coaching young players based on his style

HotShot assistant? I've heard Michael Curry's name mentioned as well as Tom Thibodeau for assistants that are ready to coach

Current roster? I heard they were thinking of making Rip and 'Sheed available. No sense in letting Rip go but Rasheed's act (as always) has worn thin. Regardless, they need to make changes. Prince is the only starter under 30 on that squad

Fluke? Let's just call it what it was. Billups got hot in the Finals coupled with the Lakers playing lazy and overconfident. I'm still wondering how this team lost to a very pitiful Cavs team with homecourt last year. It's making their '04 title look more and more as one of the greatest NBA upsets ever.

And as your subject title said, no one is really surprised by this. Flip is like that chick you dated for a longtime but realized she wasn't wife (championship) material. Flip's got plenty of teams that want him to be their girlfriend but they won't marry him

Gangsta D:

Where does Flip go now? Suns? NBDL? Broadcast booth? Can't see any of them. He might as well wait for Seattle/OKC/Long Beach to fire PJ, and take the Sonics job.


The Suns and Flip would be the perfect marriage. Neither has yet to shed the label of bridesmaids and if they did hook up, that label prbly wouldn't change

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