Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Playground Legends?


It took almost 15 years but I finally developed a go to move. From the top of the 3 pt line, I dribble, pull up at the FT Line, and it's $$$ most of the time. I'm better going to the right but working on the left. EUREEKA!

I wasn't sure how it would play out in an actual game but I tried it out yesterday and this morning, it's pretty consistent. By no means I am a legend, but I like to think I can quietly give you 2-4 baskets in a game. At least to the point when someone says yo can someone pick up lil man.

Gangsta D:

I feel you. My patented move is the jab step, jab step, quick pull and fire. Cats always give me plenty of space, and all I need is six inches. The funniest thing is when someone new is on me, and one of his teammates yells "Yo he can shoot." By then, they're usually taking the ball out of the net:)

The one part of my game that's deteriorated with time, is my handles. They are horrrrrrrible. I used to have decent handles, but now they are straight garbage.


My handles started deteriorating 4 years ago when I played in the rec league. I was pretty embarrassed especially considering the level of competition. Now my speed is starting to go which is why I had to develop that move. I can't just blow by people anymore, lol

Gangsta D:

I can still get to the basket, but it takes so much out of me that I don't do it much anymore. I'm very much Jordan circa '96-'98...without the talent of course:) The one thing that has really picked up is my passing. My interior passing skills are nasty. I'm trying to develop my post game now. I got a nice fadeaway, but I'm trying to get a baby hook. That ish is HARD to master:)


Jdubb said...

I got 2 go to moves that will get me space, since i have lost a lot of speed and being over 30...
I will shoot the three all day everyday, i just need a sliver of space.. I take one hard step past three point and crossover and step right back at the line and hit the three. I am vinne johnson, dont let me get hot or I am microwaving fools(my german teammates call Hier BarbQ, cause I smokem from the three)my other move is believe it or not is my rep, I am the smallest person the team but the most physical who will find ways to get you back for hard fouling a teammate...I just raise the level of physicality up a notch, then they start throwing PFs on me..

Dang where yall at in the States, when I come back for visit, I need to roll up play with yall..

Gangsta D said...

I haven't mastered that step back three yet. My automatic range is right inside that line.

Man, we're spread out across the country in GA, DC, and Texas so a pickup might be hard to arrange:)

Jdubb said...

yeah then throw in Florida, my home away from home..yeah it would be hard
I havent played ball in DC yet, my boy leaves in DC too,
I just practice with my team tonight, my handles are going out the window by the day, I was trying to do something with ball and just fumbled off my hand...I need some HGH for my handles