Monday, July 14, 2008

I'll Drink To That

Gangsta D:

Let the congregation say "AMEN!" lol

College basketball commentator Billy Packer, who has announced 34 consecutive
Final Fours on network television and created a few controversies along the way,
will not be returning to CBS for a 28th season, The Miami Herald has learned.

Why do I think Dick Vitale is smiling more than usual (which is still a lot) today :-)?

Oh yea, they must have new mgmt at CBS b/c this man has managed to keep his job for 10+ plus years than he should have, considering the dumb, public comments he's made btw 90 and now.

Gangsta D:

It's only fitting that his last "accomplishment" is calling the UNC-Kansas game over in the 1st half, only to see the Tar Heels come storming back in the 2nd. Of course, if CBS had any real huevos they's put Gus and Raft together for the Final Four. Those two could make Duquesne-Eastern Washington entertaining.

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