Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? - NBA Edition


We must be in the land of the stupid.

72.5M, 5yrs for Andrew Bogut
17M, 4 yrs for Ronny Turiaf
31M, 5 yrs for Desiagna Diop
33M, 5 yrs for Beno Udrih

I thought this was the year of common sense. I applauded teams last year for not budging when Okafor, Deng, Gordon, and Igudola all foolishly rejected their extensions, thinking they would hit the jackpot this summer. But then I turn on ESPN news and see these deals. If their agents are smart, they will use the above deals as leverage in getting big paydays. I won't even go into what's wrong with these deals b/c it would take too long (since when did avgs of 14 & 9 get you 72M???).

Brand, Maggette, B Davis, and Arenas all were overpaid as well but compared to the above, they deserved their deals :-). It's scary to think in addition to the players above, Josh Smith, Monta Ellis, are looking to get theirs.

Gangsta D:

Desiagna Diop got $31 million? Dollars? What is the world coming to? How does Bogut get $72 million? I swear if I keep working on my jumper, I can make a team. A sweet shooting, slightly [well maybe not so slightly] overweight 6-4 guard, with great interior passing skills ought to be worth $10M/3 yrs right? Right?!? lol


if you can still do that crip walk like you did in college, I give you 15M over 3 :-)

Gangsta D:

The c-walk hasn't gone nowhere. I can still cut a rug. Now about my signing bonus....

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