Sunday, July 20, 2008

New School Music - OutKast edition

If you're wondering what happened to New Music days, then wonder no more, it's back. I told you, I would post when I felt there was enough decent music. I wasn't completely about to go Ice-T but it doesn't help when I turn away from the Rap Cities and MTV Jams of the world :-).

Anyway, enough rambling and on to business. This edition of new school music is dedicated to OutKast. No explanation is needed, just pure uncut dopeness.

John Legend F Andre 3000 - Green Light

I'm a huge fan of John Legend. His first album was about drinking, smoking, and cheating on his girl. And females LOVED him for it. I was pretty envious b/c that approach didn't work for me. I guess my hair wasn't good enough. Anyways, add in 3 stacks and you got a gold record right che!

Big Boi f Mary J Blige - Something Gotta Give

As much as I love Dre, Sir Lucious Leftfoot is very slept on. His verse on Int'l Players Anthem was on par with Dre's and Bun B's. Hopefully his solo album will show the masses that Big Boi is the truth. And you got my favorite ex-junkie on here. BRILLIANT

Outkast f Raekwon - Royal Flush

Skew it on the Bar B. GREAT. Royal Flush. GREAT. I know the most popular Wu-tang/non Wu-tang pairing is Meth and Red but the best is Rae & Kast. Hands down. Not debatable. Guys, just go ahead and do an album :-)

Fonzworth Bentley f Andre 3000 & Kanye West - Everybody

Quick note, Bentley went to the same college as all of us here at the Commission. He was only a year ahead of us, was a biology major, and ran track. After I graduated, I was watching a show and saw this cat rocking a bow tie and getting smacked by Diddy?!?! I was confused but now I see his hustle has gotten him an album. Guess I need to be Fiddy's servant for a year so I can get my long awaited album out. Anyways, shockingly Bentley doesn't completely embarrass himself.

Guilty Pleasure of the Week - Lloyd f Lil Wayne - All Around the World

Hate all you want but anytime someone uses the old Paid in Full beat, I give you a listen. And then when Weezy drops the thinking of a master plan line, then throws in "naw I'm not, shawty's on my mind", I love it.


Gangsta D said...

"Bentley doesn't completely embarrass himself."

Yeah, that's really not a compliment:)

Great Waldini said...

I look it at as a delicate way of saying "Step yo game up"