Monday, July 21, 2008

"Let's Go To Sleep In Paris"

Gangsta D:

Does the NBA have a potential problem?

But it would be an unprecedented move if Josh Childress, an American born and
raised California kid, spurns the Hawks in favor of a three-year $20 million
deal with the Greek club Olympiakos.

Josh Childress is basically a nobody in the grand scheme, but he's still a viable NBA player. If you can get more money in Europe and your game fits that style, why not make that move?


Wow, talking about the effects of the weak dollar. Agree about Childress' pecking order in the NBA but could you imagine if Josh Smith did the same thing b/c he couldn't get the $$$ he wanted???

Da Realist:

Wow. this could be...*could be*...a groundbreaking move. If the player's association can somehow use Europe as a bargaining chip against the NBA...

Obviously that would take a lot but the potential is there. globalization is rebranding the nba game to one that is more and more similar to euro-ball anyway.

No way this happens in the NFL. I think the nba has a nice following and certainly has a niche in the sports landscape but it will never be as important as it was between 15 and 25 years ago.

Gangsta D:

Expect an NBA team in Europe next season. You know Stern don't like cats trying to bogard him:)


Actually you they have seriously discussed putting 2 teams in europe....

Gangsta D:

As soon as an All-Star goes to play in Europe for more money, either 1.)Someone is getting assassinated or 2.)Stern is putting a team in Italy and Germany two weeks after the deal is signed.

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