Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old School Wednesday - The Dream Before The Nightmare

As Team USA gears up for another run for WORLD SUPREMACY, it's hard to remember that there was a time when the team didn't have to gear up at all. The were supreme five minutes before the Olympics, during the Olympics, and four years afterwards. Here's a look back at an article Phil Taylor wrote after the US captured the gold in Atlanta. He was not impressed by "Dream Team 2" to say the least.

"Rarely Challenged, A Joyless Dream Team Cruises To The Gold."

Someday true competition for the gold medal will return to Olympic men's basketball, but in the meantime you may want to find a hobby to occupy yourself, because it's going to be awhile.
Apparently, back in 1996 awhile could be defined as six years.

"It took a long time for the rest of the world to catch up to the U.S. college players, but it happened," says Australian forward Andrew Gaze , who played at Seton Hall . "We'll catch the American professionals, too. I just don't know if it will be in my lifetime."
Someone check Andrew Gaze's pulse. Still alive? Cool.

Lenny Wilkens..."Add to that the fact that players are coming into the NBA at younger ages, before they've really got all the fundamental skills, and you're going to have future Dream Teams that probably won't be as accomplished as the ones that have played in 1992 and '96."
Oh Lenny. You really had no idea. Apparently, back in 1996 "won't be as accomplished" was synonymous with "bronze medal."

Adds Barkley in assessing the international talent level, "Ain't no way a college team could beat those guys.... I think they're going to close the gap more and more. Maybe not the next Olympics, but the one after that, we could be in trouble."
Charles may be crazy. OK, Charles is crazy. But no one ever said he was stupid. Well, not out loud. And not if they were standing near a plate glass window.

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John said...

I think this is the year for them to bounce back! If they don't win it this year, it's a joke. Other teams are getting better, perhaps it's because all the Europeans that have come to play in the NBA! None of these guys thought of that? Barkley, what a clown!

Saw this posted on - keep the good work comin' our way man.