Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Up. Get Out.


The more I read his articles, the more I really like LZ Granderson.

Stop building basketball courts in the 'hood -- little kids already know about basketball -- and do something that could open the eyes of a young person who is not even aware their eyes are closed.

"That's like calling Olive Garden fine Italian dining." - I need to send that quote to the masses who clown me when I say I prefer NOT to eat at Olive Garden. The only thing I like there is the house salad and breadsticks. but I digress.....

Gangsta D:

One of the best things a kid can do is to travel internationally. It opens your eyes up to so much. It's crazy, I got chicks in my office that have never been on a plane before. The concept of going to a foreign country is...well, foreign.


Shoot I would move to Paris in a heartbeat if the right opp came up. Love that city....

Da Realist:

Just read the article. Sigh. This one is hitting very close to home. I'm currently trying to find a way to study in France for as long as my money, wife and passport will allow. 2 weeks just isn't enough for me. I would love 3 months. Haven't figured out how to do it just yet so it's bothering me a little.

Gangsta D:

I'd love to go back to New Zealand to "study." But for some reason I think my definition of study is completely different from yours:)


Yea you would be "studying a broad or two"....

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