Friday, August 22, 2008

What's That Ish You Smoking? Kobe Hate

Da Realist:

Kobe gets criticized even when he is playing on the olympic team! Maybe he should just move to china. Lol

While Bryant has not played poorly, he has continued to play as if he were on
his N.B.A. team instead of adapting and adjusting to his Olympic teammates.
James has stood out precisely because he has blended in so well.

Shoot while you playing, might see him in Italy next year :-)

I don't make too much of this. Bron has been the best player for the US period in this Olympics. Well at least they are dissecting this now as opposed to the many sites that have tried to compare this team to the '92 Olympics. WHY?

Da Realist:

It's the OLYMPICS! who cares? are these guys even giving 100% anyway? MJ wasn't considered the best player on the Dream Team, Barkley was. I didn't care one bit. Nor did anyone else, really.

But there's something about Kobe I guess... ;-)


Only in the US it seems. Outside the USA, he's LOVED. But here at home (sniff), he's the lightning rod for everything that's wrong....

Gangsta D:

There's always something about KB24. It is what it is.

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