Friday, August 29, 2008

Leaders Of The New School - Black Kids

Today is the final part of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who is in the cross hairs today? Black Kids, of course.

Black Kids

"They make super-fun dance rock with an endearingly nostalgic edge...and as far as we know, they're not doing it all for the nookie."

Coming straight out of Jacksonville aka Da 'Ville aka Da Bang 'Em aka DUUUUVAAAAAL, is the Black Kids. I really like these cats, and that's not because they're from right down the road from me. These kids really have the goods. There's a bounce in their music. It's hard to describe, but their tracks make me bob my head and tap the beat out with my fingers. When a band has me doing that, I get very happy. Bravo Black Kids!

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