Friday, August 29, 2008

Who You Got?!?

College Football is HERE!!! And with that, it's time to kickstart our annual Pick 'Em. Last year I won going away, and I expect the trend to continue this year.

Gangsta D 0-0
Waldini 0-0
Realist 0-0

Clemson vs Alabama

Waldini: Is this the year the Tigers FINALLY live up to expectations? Is this the year Saban's so called top recruiting classes come through? On one hand you got the ACC's top returning QB and one of the nation's top backfields. On the other hand, the game's in Tuscaloosa. [Ed. Note Bama-Clemson is in the Georgia dome] Hmmm, tough call but I'm sticking with Thunder and Lightning. TIGERS

Realist: Clemson

Gangsta D: THIS is the year. Tommy Bowden gets it DONE this year. Nah, I'm not feeling it either. Tried to talk myself into it. Clemson will be Clemson, which means a hot start. I think they get it started right against bama. Saban just doesn't have the athletes yet, although Julio Jones appears to be a beast. Clemson whups up on the Tide, and get everyone in South Cack primed for disappointment.


Waldini: I was getting ready to question you on putting this game in the pick 'em Gangsta. But with Sanchez having a bad wheel, it's not a slam dunk anymore. Still Al Groh has been a perennial loser at the pro and college level (Side trivia two former AFC East coaches battle it out). TROJANS

Realist: USC

Gangsta D: Yeah, it seems like a mismatch but Week 1 is slim pickens for quality matchups. The Wahoos are woefully undermanned against the Trojans. But 'SC does have to fly cross country and that's always tough. But not tough enough. 'SC by 25 at least.

Appalachian St vs LSU

Waldini: Again another one that prbly would have been a slam dunk if Perriloux (sp?) hadn't screwed himself (and LSU). This is a trap game as App St returns their star players. Is this game at night and on ESPN? You know LSU always rises to the occassion in that scenario. I'm picking LSU but I love it if App St pulled off two shockers this decade. TIGERS

Realist: LSU

Gangsta D: App St BITCH!!! Yeah I said it. I'm willing to fall a game behind, just to be bold. This pick is gangsta...just like me.

Mizzou vs Illinois

Waldini: Illinois is the South Carolina of the Midwest. That means every 6-8 years they have that magic season where they do damage. For the time in between they are mediocre. Yea I know Juice is back but Mendenhall is gone. And Zook is still there. Juice's got the name, Chase has got the game. TIGERS

Realist: Mizzou

Gangsta D: Chase Daniel appears to be the truth. That would make Juice Williams the false, or something like that. No Mendenhall, and Regus Benn can't be effective if Juice doesn't get him the ball. Plus Zook is coaching, so there's that. Tigers by a bunch.

Utah vs Meechigan

Waldini: Man, everyone is picking against Rodriguez. Count me in that bandwagon. UTES

Realist: Utah

Gangsta D: Apparently Utah is really good this year. Michigan is implementing a whole new offensive system, and they don't have a QB who can run it. Rich Rod will eventually get his kind of athletes, but that's not gonna help him this weekend. Utes.


Waldini: Tenn isn't as bad as Illinois but they have had a bad trend of falling off after posting surprise seasons in this decade. Olson is out, I don't know who the backup is, and the coach is new. Crompton's not exactly experienced either. I think Tenn gets lucky that UCLA has QB issues. TENN

Realist: UT

Gangsta D: The Bruins don't have a QB. The Vols may not have a QB. The Vols have to travel across the country, which didn't really turn out all that well last year. But, the Vols are a better team so I'm riding with Smokey.

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