Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leaders Of The New School - White Rabbits

Today is Part III of our Leaders Of The New School feature, where we profile one of Paste Magazine's 25 Next Best Artists. Who goes under the lights today? White Rabbits, of course.

White Rabbits

"Two drummers give this six piece of erstwhile Missourians more frenetic bounce than their namesake, and though they play with the studied synchronicity you'd expect from a band with concert garb that incolces sweaters and button downs, Greg Roberts and Stephen Patterson's double team choruses routinely unfold into impassioned, full-band shout-alongs."

Two drummers and three guitarists? Are you serious? Umm...yeah. And you know what? It works. It happens to work really well. A few seconds into each song I listened to, I realized that I couldn't stop my head from bobbing. In my book, that gets you the seal of approval. Unfortunately I don't have an actual seal, because that would've been kind of cool.

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