Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rachel Rears Her Ugly Head


Either of you watch the James Blake-Donald Young match last night? I was surprised Young took it to him like that especially when he look overmatched in getting beat 6-1 in the first set. Young stunna stepped though pushed Blake to 5 sets. Young's potential is definitely there, just wondering what he will do with it...

On a somewhat related note, what's up with forcing the bruhs to play this early in a Grand Slam. Racial man RACIAL....

Gangsta D:

You black people are always playing the race card!

We keep seeing that Young has potential, but he's got to start realizing it at some point. Otherwise, he's gonna go to waste. But maybe this will be a springboard of sorts. The American men need someone, ANYONE, to step up.


Cablasian man cablasian :-)

Wifey was telling me that Young has gone through 4 coaches already. Apparently his family is very hands on and Donald is pretty sensitive. So when any of the coaches tried to give him critiques neither Young or his parents appreciated it. Which meant the coaches were shown the door

Gangsta D:

If that's true, he'll never realize his potential. Gotta tighten up those panties if he wants to be great. Hell, he's not even good right now. Too bad.

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